The IRS requires that a completed W-9 be on file for independent contractors or vendors/suppliers, attorneys, health and medical services, service individuals, or individuals receiving honorariums, stipends, awards, gifts, prizes, rentals, and royalties before payments are issued. The completed W-9 must be attached to the Payment Order. The social security number or tax I.D. must be completed on the form. Missing documentation, signatures or account information will delay payment.

Kenyon utilizes the Internal Revenue Service's Form 1099 to record payments of honorariums, stipends, awards, gifts, prizes, rentals, and royalties. It is also utilized to report service by independent contractors or vendors that are not incorporated, and individuals not employed with the College. Since the 1099 recipient is not an employee, the College is not obligated to withhold any deductions. This 1099 income is reported to the IRS. The individual will be obligated to make his or her own tax deductions and forward such payments to the IRS. These forms are mailed annually in January. If you have not received your form by the middle of February please contact the Accounts Payable / Purchasing Card Manager.

Requests for payments to international service providers must be directed to the Payroll Manager or the Controller.