If an employee is routinely expected to travel in the normal course of business that employee may request a College credit card. Requests should be made to the employee's Senior Staff member. If the Senior Staff member concurs, they will contact the Controller with the request and a recommended dollar limit for the card.


A. Personal items should never be charged on College credit cards. Using a College credit card for the purchase of personal items will result in revocation of the card.

B. Credit card bills are sent directly to the cardholder. All receipts, both the credit card receipt and the original hotel/meal receipt, must be saved. The receipts are to be attached to the credit card bill. The business purpose of the charges and persons entertained, if any, should be written on the receipts or on the face of the credit card bill.

C. The purchase order system should not be circumvented with a College credit card. The cards are intended to make travel easier; they are not to be used to buy office supplies, etc.-- this prohibition includes purchases made at the College Bookstore.

D. Do not use College credit cards for cash advances. There is a bank service charge for this and cash advances may be arranged through the College Accounting Office (see section 2).

E. Hasten the payment process by verifying the charges, signing the bill, including the appropriate account number and submitting the bill to your supervisor (who, in turn, will submit it to your Senior Staff member for his or her approval) in a timely fashion. The College does not want to incur late payment penalties and employees do not want to be stranded with declined cards because of non-payment!

F. If a card is ever lost or stolen, or when a cardholder leaves the employ of the College, the credit card in question should be reported immediately to the Secretary to the Vice President for Finance at PBX 5172 so that the card can be canceled.