Payment Order should be completed for non-travel and entertainment reimbursements, service individuals, honorariums, stipends, awards, gifts, prizes, petty cash reimbursements, and comparable transactions when no invoice is provided by the vendor or supplier.

 Missing documentation, signatures or account information will delay payment. The request must be signed by the individual responsible for the account. If the account is governed by the Associate Provost or the Provost, it must be submitted to them for approval. The College requires all expenses to be properly documented in order to comply with IRS regulations.

For IRS 1099 reporting purposes, a W-9 must be completed and returned to the Accounts Payable/Purchasing Card Manager before payments are issued for new vendors or suppliers, service individuals, honorariums, awards, gifts, prizes, rentals, and royalties. Please review the information discussed in the W-9 and IRS 1099 section.

Requests for payments to international service providers must be directed to the Payroll Manager or the Controller.