Kenyon College will reimburse its travelers for all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred while transacting the affairs of the College. All travel and entertainment reimbursements must adhere to Kenyon's Travel and Entertainment Expense Policy and be submitted on the following form:

Travel Expense Form

1. All reimbursement requests must be submitted on the College's Travel and Entertainment Expense Form. Reimbursements should be completed, approved, and Submitted to Accounts Payable within 60 days of the incurred expenses.

*Due to fiscal year ending in June, All reimbursable expenses incurred prior to June 30 must be submitted to Accounts Payable no later than July 15.

2. The statement must include the following

  • The destination and purpose of the trip
  • The business relationship of persons entertained, if applicable.
  • Original receipts supporting all lodging expenses.
  • Original itemized receipts supporting all non-lodging expenses exceeding $25. Standard mileage reimbursements must be accompanied by an online mapping print out, beginning and ending odometer reading or detailed log of daily mileage incurred.
  • Please convert all international currency to US dollars on the expense form.

3. The request must be approved by a Senior Staff member. Senior Staff requests for reimbursement require the approval of another member of the Senior Staff.

4. Whenever possible an itemized receipt supporting an expense should be obtained. This is usually possible and, in fact, is a Kenyon College requirement for expenses in excess of $25 and for all lodging expenses. The College expects original receipts for normal expenses such as meals. However, when a receipt cannot be obtained, a description of the expense should be included on the statement, or classified in the appropriate space provided on the form.

When receipts for meals are not obtained, the College will reimburse the lesser of actual meal expenses or the IRS per diem allowance for meals.