The Crozier Center for Women provides a programming and social space for Kenyon students, and the events and programs in pursuit of the center's mission are guided by the student managers and other student leaders.

Explore the information below to find out more about some of the student organizations that work to create events and programs centered on feminism, gender identity and gender expression.

Current Organizations

A number of feminist and gender-based organizations at Kenyon create opportunities for meaningful student engagement in addition to professional development and social support. These organizations actively contribute to various aspects of the mission for the Crozier Center for Women.

The AWM chapter at Kenyon focuses on supporting and encouraging women in the transition to higher education and careers in mathematics. The chapter aims to provide an environment that facilitates study and collaboration while supplying opportunities to hear from women in the wider mathematical community. As an organization focused on promoting equal opportunity, AWM is open to all.

Gender Group is an anonymous and confidential group fostering community and support for students on campus who are not cis. Membership is open to trans students, gender non-conforming students, and students who are questioning their gender identities.

Her Campus Kenyon is our chance to be involved in the multi-institutional and international #1 online community for college women. We want Her Campus Kenyon to be your homepage, your go-to dashboard for all things Kenyon, news, and lifestyle. Her Campus Kenyon covers everything from dating advice to current events and breaking world news in real time — and isn't just for women. We have been recognized by Her Campus National which hosts the chapters of over 200 worldwide colleges and universities as a PINK LEVEL chapter. This means our work has been recognized for its excellence and we are some of the first in line to be considered for special partnerships.

The mission of this organization is to mobilize advocates for reproductive freedom, raise public awareness about reproductive health and rights, educate young people about sexual health, create lasting change in their communities, and get Kenyon students more involved with local as well as broader community.

Qdubs is an anonymous and confidential group that fosters community and support among its members. Membership is open to any student who is "not cis, not straight, or not sure" seeking queer community at Kenyon.

Sisterhood is an organization that unifies Kenyon's women of color through fellowship and discussion. Sisterhood aims to explore issues faced by women of color on and off campus.

StageFemmes, a theatre company at Kenyon College, seeks to showcase the underrepresented talents of women in all aspects of theatre. Created out of a need for opportunities for female artists, StageFemmes aims to produce work that is relevant, challenging, and innovative. In addition to a full theatrical season, StageFemmes hosts workshops, master classes, and discussions and serves as a resource for male and female students interested in the arts.

Start a New Organization

If you are interested in starting a new organization that supports the mission of the Snowden Multicultural Center, please let the current student managers know. The center will be happy to provide logistical advice and support to new organizations, who are interested in forming in the future.

For more information on starting a new student organization, please refer to the policies of the Office of Student Engagement.