At Kenyon, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion oversees three distinct program houses: the Snowden Multicultural Center, the Crozier Center for Women, and Unity House. Each of these program houses help to support residential learning experiences, while also providing additional opportunities for student leaders to help shape the campus-wide programming implemented by the ODEI.

Crozier Center for Women

The mission of the Crozier Center for Women is to be a safe space for all people to discuss and think critically about gender and gender identity/expression; to be a presence on campus that addresses issues across the gender spectrum while focusing special attention on marginalized gender experiences (i.e. those of women and transgender/non-binary people); and to provide safer sex programming, information, and resources.

Snowden Multicultural Center

The mission of the Snowden Multicultural Center is to educate the Kenyon community about diverse cultures through student-focused programs and to increase understanding and respect for people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Unity House

The mission of Unity House is to offer a supportive, educational, social and cultural environment; to enhance the awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community across campus; and to erase stigma associated with non-straight and non-cisgender identities in order to promote greater equity on and off campus.