All first-year applicants, including Early Decision applicants, who are US citizens or permanent residents and who meet the criteria for admission to Kenyon College are welcome to submit a  KEEP scholarship application for this competition. This scholarship will be awarded to selected students from underrepresented backgrounds, including first-generation students. To be eligible for this scholarship, Scholars must complete the KEEP Summer Experience. Those wanting to be considered for KEEP scholarships must submit their form by December 1 for Early Decision 1 and February 3 for Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision.

KEEP Scholar Scholarship

This scholarship eliminates the loan and work-study obligations of a need-based financial aid package for all four years, and provides a $500.00 book and supply allowance for the first year.

KEEP Scholar Activities & Opportunities

KEEP Scholars must participate in the KEEP Summer Experience, an academic and co-curricular program, the summer before their first year. The program includes two summer courses (for a total 0.5 units of credit) that establish best practices and habits for critical thinking, with a focus on analytical writing, data analysis, as well as visual and oral presentation.  It also provides networking opportunities with campus officials in charge of internships, research experiences, off-campus study, assistant teaching, and campus employment.  On-campus housing is provided and each Scholar receives a $1,000 stipend upon successful completion.  

  • Summer courses. "Analytical Writing" and "Seeing with Data" are taught by dedicated and renowned College faculty members, and are designed to prepare students to fully and successfully address the challenges most students face in transitioning from high school to college-level courses.
  • Kenyon course credit of 0.5 units and early faculty advising. Upon completion of both courses, KEEP Scholars earn 0.5 units of credit. These units count toward the 4 units of the first-year course load and the 16 units needed for graduation. KEEP Scholars also have the benefit of early academic advising provided by KEEP faculty members.
  • Early networking opportunities. During the Summer Experience, Scholars meet key campus officials in charge of different aspects of their College career, including off-campus study, research experiences, internships, assistant teaching, and on-campus employment.
  • Summer tuition, stipend and housing. KEEP scholarships cover expenses for the Summer Experience, including tuition for the summer courses, on-campus housing, and partial funds to help defray the cost of transportation to campus. Upon successful completion of the Summer Experience, each Scholar receives a $1,000 stipend and $500 book allowance toward the first year of classes.
  • KEEP is a four-year program. Scholars are expected to acquire professional training relevant to diversity and inclusion, service, and leadership; and to engage in activities that enhance community life at the College, such as mentoring, service-learning projects, off-campus study, and independent research. Scholars meet regularly with KEEP staff to update their progress toward these goals.


Throughout their college careers, KEEP Scholars are expected to serve as models of academic engagement and to be advocates for the College’s mission of diversity and inclusion. The minimum requirements for fulfilling this expectation are: (a) complete the KEEP-STEM summer experience (Sunday, June 28 - Wednesday, August 5, 2020), including both courses, (b) review academic progress and engagement with the KEEP Coordinator at least once per semester for all years, and (c) complete an ODEI academic workshop or equivalent at least once per semester for all years.

See Also: STEM Scholarship

Some KEEP Scholarship applicants may be eligible for the STEM Scholarship. Details concerning eligibility and requirements for STEM Scholarships are available on the STEM scholarship website.

How to Apply

KEEP Scholarships are determined on a competitive basis and require the completion of both the Common Application or Coalition Application and a brief KEEP Scholarship form. For general questions about KEEP, please contact Chris Kennerly at 740-427-5160 or kennerlyc@kenyon.edu. For questions regarding the academic program, contact faculty co-directors, Simon P. Garcia (garcias@kenyon.edu) and Jene Schoenfeld (schoenfeldj@kenyon.edu).

Dates to Remember

November 15: Submission of Common Application or Coalition Application for Early Decision 1
January 15: Submission of Common Application or Coalition Application for Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision

December 1: Submission of  scholarship form for Early Decision 1
February 3: Submission of  scholarship form for Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision

NOTE: Students must complete both the scholarship form and Kenyon's admissions application in order to be considered.

December: Notification of scholarship winners for Early Decision 1
February: Notification of scholarship winners for Early Decision 2
March: Notification of scholarship winners for Regular Decision

2021 KEEP Summer Experience: TBA