All first-year applicants, including Early Decision applicants, who are a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, U.S. Dual, U.S. Permanent Resident, or U.S. Asylee or Refugee are welcome to submit an application for this scholarship. It will be awarded to selected students who demonstrate financial need and wish to pursue a major within a STEM field. February 3: Preferred submission date of scholarship form for Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision. Applications will be accepted until March 1.

The STEM Scholars program is supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

STEM Scholar Scholarship

This scholarship eliminates the loan and work-study obligations of a need-based financial aid package for all four years, and provides an annual book and supply allowance as well as a one-time allowance towards the purchase of an appropriate computer and associated software for their academic work.

STEM Scholar Activities

STEM Scholars will participate in activities emphasizing academic leadership, professional development, and STEM-focused community service.

  • Each annual cohort of STEM Scholars will begin their Kenyon education through participation in the KEEP-STEM summer experience, which will include an interdisciplinary STEM course in which students will conduct faculty-led experimental or analysis projects spanning several STEM disciplines. Project modules will be complemented by team-taught workshops that develop skills in reading primary literature and presenting scientific results in written and oral format, and by interactive visits with additional STEM faculty to broaden course content and expand the network of Kenyon faculty with whom STEM Scholars interact. STEM Scholars also will take the KEEP course "Writing for the Humanities," which prepares them for college-level work in writing-intensive classes across the curriculum.  The summer program also provides cohort-building activities and networking opportunities with campus officials in charge of off-campus study, research experiences, internships, assistant teaching, and campus employment. On-campus housing is provided, and each STEM Scholar receives a $1000 stipend upon successful completion.
  • STEM Scholars will participate in service-learning activities that begin during KEEP-STEM, continue with a credit-bearing service learning-based course in the second semester of their first year, and culminate in opportunities to lead activities with SPI, a local non-profit discovery play space with a focus on science and technology.
  • STEM scholars, faculty mentors, and upper-class peer advisors will engage in faculty-student mentoring, including academic advising, social, and co-curricular activities during the college orientation program and throughout the academic year.
  • STEM scholars will participate in K-STEM’s student-led peer-mentoring program emphasizing professional development and career success in STEM fields, and well as professional and career development workshops, alumni panels, and STEM-themed social outings.
  • The STEM Internship Fund will support summer internships for STEM scholars with our service-learning partner SPI, local engineering firms, other science and technology focused employers, as well as student-identified internship hosts.


STEM Scholarships will be renewed annually for students who demonstrate satisfactory progress towards a STEM degree by: (a) meeting or exceeding the college’s existing academic standards, (b) taking adequate coursework to attain a STEM degree, (c) declaring a STEM major by the beginning of their junior year, per collegiate requirements, and (d) participate in program evaluation activities such as surveys, interviews, or data requests, as required by the National Science Foundation.

See also: KEEP Scholarship

Some STEM Scholarship applicants may be eligible for the KEEP Scholarship. Details concerning eligibility and requirements for KEEP Scholarships are available on the KEEP scholarship website.

How to Apply

STEM Scholarships are determined on a competitive basis and require the completion of both the Common Application and a brief scholarship form. With questions regarding the STEM Scholar program, please contact Professor James Keller at kellerj@kenyon.edu.

Apply Now

Dates to Remember

November 15: Submission of Common Application or Coalition Application for Early Decision 1
January 15: Submission of Common Application or Coalition Application for Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision

December 1: Submission of scholarship form for Early Decision 1
February 3: Preferred submission date of scholarship form for Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision. Applications will be accepted until March 1.

NOTE: Students must complete both the scholarship form and Kenyon's admissions application in order to be considered.

December: Notification of scholarship winners for Early Decision 1
February: Notification of scholarship winners for Early Decision 2
March: Notification of scholarship winners for Regular Decision