Advising appointments (Student Advising) are generally 30 minutes long and are scheduled between October-December and January prior to application deadline. OCS appointments for the class of 2026 will be available to book starting on Wednesday, Sept. 13, and will begin on Monday, Oct. 2.

Interviews are scheduled in the same manner beginning in November. Please see dates and deadlines

To book an appointment, you must create a Google Calendar account for yourself from your email account. Make sure your time zone in Calendar Settings is set to (GMT-5.00) Eastern Time.

  1.  Click to schedule an appointment with a CGE staff member. Each person has a different schedule, so use the calendar which best suits your schedule. If you have questions about finances you should schedule an appointment with Kenna.
  2.  You will be taken to that person’s calendar with available appointments. You will also see your calendar overlaid on the appointment page, so you can easily see what times work for you.
  3.  Click on one of the available appointment buttons, type a few words about what you'd like to discuss in the description, and click “Save.”
  4.  IMPORTANT: If you need to reschedule your appointment, you must delete the event on your own calendar, which will make the date and time available for another student, before you choose another appointment.
  5.  Please be on time. If you think you might be late due to your schedule, please look for another appointment time that will allow you to be on time.
  6.  If you are sick, please do not come to the office. You can reschedule your appointment or we can meet remotely.