The requirements to participate in off-campus study are:

  • The minimum cumulative GPA for participation in an OCS program is 2.50. This GPA is a requirement but not a guarantee for OCS approval. Academic performance across the semesters will also be a factor in the OCS advising process and the evaluation of the application. Please note: individual OCS programs may have a higher GPA requirement for approval.
  • Be in good standing during the semesters preceding your proposed period of off-campus study. Good standing means
    • you are currently not subject to or under academic restriction or sanction
    • you have no pending academic or judicial proceedings
    • you have not engaged in conduct for which the College would initiate academic or judicial proceedings
    • If approval for your OCS program is rescinded by the College for any of the reasons stated above, you may not be entitled to any refund of deposits or payment.
  • Obtain the support of your major advisor, and your major department--proving that you understand what other requirements must be fulfilled for both your major and distribution requirements
  • Meet with a CGE staff member to open your application and complete your application by the OCS program deadline. These are firm deadlines with no option for extensions.
  • Submit a convincing presentation of the compelling academic reasons for the OCS program of your choice, well-articulated in your OCS proposal.

Here is a list of deadlines for all Kenyon OCS applications. These are firm deadlines with no option for extensions.