Where to Begin

Before you embark on your off-campus study application, the CGE suggests that you: 

  • Read the website to learn more about OCS.
  • Talk to the CGE staff about possible programs. Since we do not set appointments by email, please complete an Advising Questionnaire in StudioAbroad and then make an appointment through Google Calendar to talk with Meghan or Marne for advice about possible programs or Sam to talk about OCS finances.
  • Talk to your major adviser and other faculty about programs that might be a good fit.
  • Watch OCS 101 and OCS 201 to learn more about Kenyon's OCS approval process. 
  • Review programs of interest. Pay attention to any course prerequisites, language requirements, the education system, and housing options.  You will also want to start researching the prospective country and its culture. You can save programs that you want to refer back to later.
  • Review program evaluations submitted by returned OCS students. These evaluations are collected by program provider in binders in the OCS Library on the first floor of the CGE, Hoehn-Saric House. You may also find some evaluations in StudioAbroad by scrolling down the program page for “program ratings” and participant comments.
  • Talk to returned OCS students. You can find a list of returned OCS students in StudioAbroad. Academic departments and the Center for Global Engagement will also host panel discussions, but one-on-one time with returned students is strongly encouraged!
  • Contact your OCS provider to determine your competitiveness as an applicant. Please note that, with few exceptions, Kenyon approval does not determine admission for the OCS programs themselves.