We in the Center for Global Engagement believe that off-campus study can be a deeply rewarding part of your student's academic career and a life-changing experience. We often find that students return more excited about their academic goals and more focused on their future career plans.

We assist all academically qualified students through the process of finding an appropriate program and support the students before, during, and after their year or semester of off-campus study.

By encouraging your students to participate in an off-campus study experience, you are helping to expand their horizons and develop their independence. In addition, you will be fostering their understanding of global issues and intercultural competence, as well as enhancing their academic interests and career prospects.

We in CGE recognize the importance of involvement from families throughout the application process and during the time your student is away. But, whenever possible, we hope you will encourage your student to contact us directly; the same life skills they are seeking to develop off-campus may be practiced first (without many of the cross-cultural complications) at home.