Program deposits/confirmation fees

Program deposits and/or confirmation fees are to be paid to the Center for Global Engagement by a check made out to “Kenyon College.” Kenyon will forward the deposit to the program provider. You are generally notified of the required deposit amount when you are accepted to your OCS program.

Typically you have two weeks from the time of acceptance to the time your deposit must be paid. These deposits are non-refundable. If there is no required deposit from your program, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 to secure your spot for OCS. The deposit will be on your Kenyon tuition/room and board bill for the semester you will be abroad as a credit toward your bill. Application fees and housing deposits are to be paid directly to the program provider, NOT to Kenyon.

PLEASE NOTE: Kenyon tuition/room and board MUST be paid to Kenyon before payment is made to the program provider. Payment of Kenyon tuition/room and board must be made in a timely manner to avoid additional late fees charged by both Kenyon and the program provider, which will be charged to the student’s Kenyon account.

Withdrawing from a program

If you withdraw from your program after confirming participation, you will be responsible for any unpaid deposits, as well as any late withdrawal charges assessed by the program. These charges will be placed on your Kenyon Account. If you would like to dispute these charges, you must work with the program provider, not Kenyon College.  You are responsible for knowing your program’s withdrawal policy.

Program Cancellation

It is not possible for Kenyon to predict world events or assure that a study abroad experience is entirely risk-free. Rarely, but occasionally in the past, emergencies (dangerous conflicts, natural disasters, etc.) have resulted in alteration or cancellation of an OCS program for which a student has been approved. All financial arrangements in such situations are the responsibility of the student under the guidelines of the foreign program or university.