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Foreign Language Tutors Network (FLATnet)

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers free, on-demand, one-on-one peer-tutoring to students currently enrolled in a language course in the department. FLATnet tutoring is intended for first- and second-year language classes, to address learning difficulties, in coordination with the professor. If you are encountering unexpected difficulties in your language learning and wish to take advantage of this resource, you must first let your professor know, and then he or she will contact FLATnet to arrange for a tutor to reach out to you.

Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs) are recruited in several languages. For 2018-2019, we area hosting FLTAs in Chinese and Russian. Their responsibilities include teaching independent studies; teaching practice sessions with upper-level courses; organizing cultural activities (such as workshops on cooking or calligraphy); and doing outreach, such as presenting in local schools.

The faculty in French recruit a Language Assistant every year from countries where the language is spoken. The successful candidates for the positions are usually college students in their own country at the undergraduate or graduate level, often with a specialization in English or American literature and culture. They spend one year at Kenyon, serving as "Apprentice Teachers" in our beginning and intermediate language classes, and also as cultural resources for the entire student body. They attend language tables in the dining halls, help organize film showings and social events, tutor students individually, and perform other functions as needed. They are also full-time students, but enroll in only three classes rather than the usual four so as to have enough time to attend to their duties. Kenyon has a history of success with its Language Assistant program extending back several decades. Some of them have returned to complete a Kenyon degree, and all of them have left deep impressions on the students they have helped and befriended during their time on the Hill.

Off-Campus Study

Most majors go abroad in their junior year to study in their target language area.  Learn more about MLL recommended programs for off-campus study.

The A medio camino newspaper is intended to empower Spanish speaking voices on campus, and to motivate Spanish language learners and students interested in issues that affect the Latinx community. The published content is written solely by students and includes three main sections: news and opinion articles regarding the Hispanic population in the U.S., articles and interviews about the Kenyon and the Knox county community, and original creative writing.