Co-enrollment in Organic Chemistry I (Chem 231), and Lab (Chem 233), and Introductory Chemistry II (Chem 124), and Lab (Chem 126) is NOT RECOMMENDED.

These policies come from our experience that effective mastery of the material in these courses requires time and attention. The curriculum of the organic sequence also assumes mastery of the material in the introductory sequence. Co-enrollment will make this very difficult. Furthermore, over many years we have found that summer coursework in particular, no matter how prestigious the institution at which it is offered, very rarely prepares students for Kenyon’s coursework. The most common result has been low grades or course withdrawal.

The Department of Chemistry nevertheless recognizes that special circumstances may compel a student to pursue this course of study. To ensure that the student is fully aware of the risks and has exhaustively considered a full range of options, we require the following prior to considering an exception:

  • From the student: A petition documenting the exceptional circumstances leading them to believe this is a good plan, alternative courses of study, and the reason each alternative has been ruled out.
  • From the student: A complete co-enrollment request form, acknowledging understanding of our recommendation against this course of study.
  • From the student’s advisor: A note endorsing all claims made in the petition.
  • If pre-health-professions planning is cited as part of the exceptional circumstances: From a member of the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC), a letter endorsing all relevant claims made in the petition.

Students pursuing this course of study will be enrolled after first-year enrollment.

Adopted 1/8/18