The curriculum in chemistry is organized vertically, with students taking courses at one level of sophistication before moving on to the next level. The Department also offers classes designed for students outside the major, which fulfill the College's science distribution requirement.

Current students can use the Class Web Pages and Syllabi page to find their instructor's online course materials. The list of course descriptions is available  from the current Course of Study.

Senior Capstone

Information about the chemistry and biochemistry Senior Capstone is outlined in the academic course catalog. More details about the Senior Capstone are available through the department website or by contacting the chair.


Information about the chemistry honors program is outlined in the academic course catalog. More details about the honors program are available through the department website or by contacting the chair.

Policy On Co-Enrollment in Organic chemistry

Find out more about the co-enrollment policy in Organic Chemistry I & Lab (231 & 233) and Introductory Chemistry II & Lab (124 & 126).

Transferring Credit from Other Institutions

If you plan to apply chemistry course work from another institution, we encourage you to seek advice on this as soon as possible. Review the transfer credit policy for chemistry.

Chemistry Placement Examination Information

If you have an AP Chem score of 4 or 5, you may enroll directly into Chem 122 ("Chemical Principles"). Please ensure your scores are on file with the Kenyon Registrar. Alternatively, you may qualify for Chem 122 by enrolling in Chem 121, the 9 a.m. section; the first assignment in Chem 121 serves as a placement assessment for Chem 122, and if your placement is high enough, you will have the opportunity to switch to Chem 122. For more information on the assessment, please see our information page.