1. Students must seek the permission of the instructor before enrolling. Individual study is undertaken only with permission as schedules may not permit such an addition in a particular semester. All individual study proposals must be approved by the department.
  2. Normally, students may enroll in an individual study only if they have taken all the coursed offered by the department in that particular area of the curriculum. Exceptions to this rule are at the discretion of the instructor with the support of the department.
  3. Individual study is considered an advanced course, and, as such, the work produced should be the equivalent of a seminar or high-level intermediate class. A grade point average of 3.0 minimum in art history courses is required. Exceptions to this rule are the discretion of the instructor with the consent of the department.
  4. The professor and the student should establish and agree on the extent and nature of the work required for the individual study. This may take several forms: several short papers, one long paper, one in-depth project (small exhibition or assisting in doing research for an exhibition), a large (and lengthy) generalized outline and annotated bibliography, public presentations, etc. individual studies may be taken for either .5 or .25 credits. This decision must be made in conjunction with the professor.
  5. The student and the professor should meet on a regular basis. The frequency is to be determined by the professor in consultation with the student.