Study abroad or off-campus is a popular option with majors in anthropology, and the faculty advisors encourage and facilitate students' plans developed through Kenyon's Center for Global Engagement.

There is nothing that brings home the opacity of culture quite like struggling to understand another culture first-hand, so these programs make one's classroom study of anthropology come alive. Students who can prepare in advance with language study generally have the best experience in off-campus programs. It is best, then, to plan your off-campus experience as early as possible in your Kenyon career, starting as a freshman if possible. This will allow you time to take the language courses you need, or to take the relevant courses in history and religion that will prepare you to make the most of the experience.

Programs offered through the School for International Training (SIT) are popular with anthropology majors because they usually include an extended home-stay, often in rural areas, and they require field research. While many SIT programs take students to places where prior language preparation is out of the question (e.g., Bali, Nepal) these programs often include some elementary language instruction and also give one experience in research methods in the field.