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  • Lava Tubes Inhabited by Humans 7,000 Years Ago

    Until recently, research in Saudi Arabia's caves and lava tubes has been limited by poor preservation and challenging conditions. A new excavation and analysis reveals human occupation in a lava tube from the Neolithic through the Bronze Age (Stewart et al., April 17, 2024). READ MORE

  • Shifting Power Among Maya Royalty

    A new excavation finds evidence for the ritual burning of royal remains, some from more than a century before power changed hands (Halperin et al., April 18, 2024). READ MORE

  • The Consequences of "Slowing Down" on an Ancient Pilgrimmage

    An anthropologist reflects on the increasing number of tourists flocking to the Camino de Santiago, and who gets to "slow down" on a historic pilgrimage route. (Thomson, April 10, 2024). READ MORE

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