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  • Timber Connected Norsemen to North America as Early as the 11th Century

    Analysis of wood from farmsteads in Greenland reveal wood imports from modern-day Canada, where Norse Greenlanders journeyed throughout the entirety of the period of Norse settlement in Greenland (Cambridge University Press, April. 17, 2023). READ MORE

  • Planning For Sensory Abandonment

    Cochlear implants are widely considered to be the gold standard for intervening on hearing loss. A medical anthropologist in India examines what occurs when compulsory updates to hearing aid technology give users a  expiration date on sensory experience (Sapiens, March 29, 2023). READ MORE

  • How Do Museums Educate About Human Evolution?

    The study of human evolution bewilders researchers every day. How do you portray these complexities on dioramas and behind glass cases? (Evolution: Education and Outreach, Aug. 21, 2010). READ MORE

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Digital Archive of Ungulate and Carnivore Dentition

This digital collection from the Smithsonian Museum's Human Origins program features dental images of extant East African large mammals, specifically ungulates and carnivores. Check out the rest of the Smithsonian resources and download the collection for some faunal analysis practice.

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