All Kenyon researchers, research advisers, IRB members, and others that work with or oversee research that involves human participants must complete the appropriate ethics and compliance training prior to starting this work. To accomplish this training, Kenyon offers several on-line research compliance courses through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program.  

 More information about this training can be found at Kenyon’s CITI Programs research compliance site. This site will help you connect to the CITI Program where training is free if your work is associated with Kenyon. Once connected to CITI, you will be prompted to answer several questions about your research or oversight activities. Your answers will help determine what course(s) you should take for your research responsibilities. (You may enroll in additional courses if you would like.) Upon finishing the course(s), save a copy of your completion certificate for your own files and to use if certificate verification is required.  

The IRB will not process an application until the CITI program has been completed by the principal investigator and all others involved in the human subjects portion of the research study. Note, most courses require recertification every two-three years. (A shorter “refresher course” may be sufficient for recertification if expiration is recent.)