Some federally- or state-funded grants require statements and assurances about Kenyon's compliance with federal and state laws. Some grants may require plans for Responsible Conduct of Research training or providing a data management plan.  

Campus Safety: General Emergency Information

Kenyon College: Emergency Operations Plan

If your current IRB approved research involves face to face/in-person interaction, STOP!

• activities should be either postponed or changed to be performed remotely

• email with an explanation of how you plan to change your protocol

• be sure to contact your subjects to cancel in-person visits. Individual visit cancellations related to COVID-19 do not need to be reported to the IRB.

The Kenyon IRB is operating as usual. New applications for review are being accepted.

IRB review of submitted applications will continue as usual. Please email for COVID-19 IRB Form.

In-Person, Face-to-Face Research

Many faculty and students conduct research using methods that require direct face-to-face contact – individual interviews, group interviews, focus groups, guided discussions, guided exercises, etc. Due to potential risks to investigators and participants, the IRB strongly recommends that all human research be conducted remotely (phone, Zoom, Google Meet, other means) until further notice. Research proposals that include in-person, face-to-face contact will in general not be approved by the IRB.

Ensuring Confidentiality

For research requiring interviews, investigators are urged to use on-line, college-approved platforms, such as Zoom or Google Meet. Up-to-date versions of these platforms must be used to ensure that security is maintained. When using on-line platforms to conduct research, investigators need to be sure that participants are adequately protected. Investigators also need to ensure that interviews are conducted in secure environments that protect the participants. For example, conducting interviews in spaces where conversations can be overheard or participants can be seen, must be avoided.

As would be expected in any data collection procedure, all data collected must be secured in a safe place, and must follow IRB guidelines for protecting participants.

Environmental Health and Safety

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC): Sarah Petersen, chair

Institutional Review Board (IRB) (research with humans): Sheryl Hemkin, chair

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC): Hewlet McFarlane, Chair

View the Institutional Review Board (IRB) policies and procedures.