Kenyon College is committed to the development of the intellectual and technical skills of its students. To that end, the use of animal models are included among others both in classwork and the research. The goals of these activities are to better understand the mechanisms of diseases that affect both humans and animals and to enable students to develop their intellect and technical skills as they relate to classwork and the research process. Kenyon’s Institutional Animal Care &Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for the review and approval of all research and teaching protocols involving the use of animals at the college and ensures that the college meets or exceeds the highest animal welfare standards as prescribed by the Animal Welfare Act, the U.S. Government Principles, and the guidelines of the Public Health Service as issued in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.  IACUC also monitors institutional animal facilities to ensure compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.

Kenyon expects its researchers to conduct their investigations involving animals with the utmost compassion and dignity, and to minimize the number of animals that are involved.

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IACUC Roster

  • Hewlet McFarlane, Ph.D., Chair, Scientist, Professor of Neuroscience
  • David M. Dubusky, DVM, Veterinarian
  • Robert A. Atwell, CPM, Non-affiliated member
  • Sheryl Hemkin, Ph.D. Scientist, Professor of Chemistry/Associate Provost
  • Robert Mauck, Ph.D.,  Scientist, Professor of Biology
  • Paula Millin-Lipnos, Ph.D., Scientist, Professor of Psychology
  • Wade Powell, Ph.D., Scientist, Professor of Biology
  • Joel Richeimer, Ph.D, Non-scientist, Professor of Philosophy

Jeff Bowman

Kenyon Institutional Officer / Provost
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Bailey House 200