Kenyon's Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), as prescribed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is responsible for oversight of experiments involving pathogens and recombinant DNA.  The committee will work with researchers to insure 1) pathogen exposure is properly managed and, 2) proper containment and destruction of genetically modified organisms.

  1. reviewing all recombinant DNA research projects both a) funded and b) non-funded,
  2. reviewing the use of a) human tissue, b) blood, and c) other infectious agents,
  3. creating policies and procedures for safe laboratory practices, 
  4. assisting researchers with compliance and permits,
  5. reporting problems and incidents, and
  6. filing an annual report.

IBC registration and/or approval of research protocols involving these activities is required for compliance with federal regulations governing grants from the National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation.

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Institutional Biosafety Committee Member Roster

Name TITLE and Contact information Role
Sarah Petersen Ashby Denoon Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
203 N College Rd., Gambier, OH 43022
V: 740-427-5259 |
Chair and Animal Expert
Karen Hicks Associate Professor of Biology
200 N College Rd., Gambier, OH 43022
V: 740-427-5379 | F: 740-427-5741 |
Microbiology Expert
Kerry Rouhier Associate Professor of Chemistry
200 College N Rd., Gambier, OH 43022
V: 740-427-5359 | F: 740-427-5731 |
Plant Expert
Darcy Blankenhorn Biology Materials and Laboratory Technical Director
200 N College Rd., Gambier, OH 43022
V: 740-427-5382 | F: 740-427-5741 |
Staff Representative and Safety Expert
Dudley Thomas Director of Chemical Laboratories
302A College Park St., Gambier, OH 43022
V: 740-427-5358 |
Staff Representative and Secretary
Lorraine Bratton Public Health/Infectious Disease Nurse
Knox County Health Department
11660 Upper Gilchrist Rd., Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
V: 740-392-2200 Ext. 2235 |
Community Representative
Bonnie Shutte Science Teacher, Mount Vernon High School
313 E. Wiggin St., Gambier, OH 43028
V: 740-485-0719 |
Community Representative

Advisory Members

Name Department Role
Kim Cullers
Dr. Amy Murnen
Cox Health and Counseling Center Medical Experts
Robert Wilson Maintenance Department Autoclave Expert