PIs: be sure to keep copies of all materials that you submit with your IRB Review Application. Use a new form each time you apply for IRB review of a new project.

Chairs/Heads: The assurance page of the application with original signatures should be submitted in hard copy to the IRB.

Course Review: Projects/classes/courses considered for course review should not exceed minimal risk, target special populations, and/or include sensitive subject matter.  Complete the Course Review Form.

Administrators: if you are doing research for your office, division, or the college Read IRB Administrator's Request for Guidance first.

IRB - Administrator's Request for Guidance

Administrators representing or acting for Kenyon College who are considering doing a survey, focus group, or any other form of data gathering involving any members of the Kenyon College Community (students, faculty, or staff) should request guidance before starting any data gathering. Please fill out the Administrator's Guidance Form. (RETRIEVE A NEW FORM EACH TIME) This may save you time and effort. Depending on the nature of the data and/or methods for the collecting of data, you may not be required to submit a full IRB application, especially if the project is to evaluate and/or improve an existing program or service. 

All involved researchers should complete the CITI training course  You should take the course for Administrators and Staff.

Forms (always retrieve a new form)

IRB Application Form Kenyon Faculty and Student Researchers

IRB Assurance (Signature) Page This form should be printed, signed by all appropriate parties, and sent in hard copy to the IRB Administrator, Bailey House, Kenyon College, Gambier OH 43022, in campus mail or U.S. mail.

IRB Guest Researcher Application Form 

IRB Course Review Form

IRB Protocol Amendment Form

IRB Study Personnel Change Form

IRB Progress/Renewal Form

IRB Project Closure Form

IRB Adverse Event Report Form

Administrator's Guidance Form

Conflict of Interest

Kenyon Policy on Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conduct Statement for Kenyon College & Employees (form)

Participant Payment Instructions

Participant Payment Guidance
Participant Payment Verification Sheet
Participant Payment Verification Summary

Informed Consent

Informed consent procedures should be conducted in the context of Justice and Beneficence that manifest profound respect for human dignity.

Informed consent is not a single event or just a form to be signed; it is an interactive educational process that takes place between an investigator and a prospective subject. The consent process should:

  • provide full disclosure of the nature of the research and the subject's participation
  • ensure adequate comprehension on the part of the potential subjects
  • allow the subject's voluntary choice to participate.

Please consult the following Informed Consent /Assent templates, samples, and wizards for help in developing consent/assent procedures that provide potential research subjects the information they need to make an "informed" decision about participating in your research. Please keep your subjects in mind when designing the consent form. Readability is paramount.

***The informed consent procedures and documents that you include in/with your IRB application should be exactly what you intend to use in both content and format.*** The IRB will consider both.

Exempt Category Research Informed Consent

Informed Consent Check List (OHRP)

Developing an Information Sheet (basic elements, sample statements, written consent, verbal consent) 

Informed Consent Template

Informed Consent Template 2

Informed Verbal Consent Template

Informed Consent Sample #1

Assent Form for Children Sample

Informed Consent "short form" Checklist

Consent Wizard from the University of Wisconsin

Investigators may make a case for the waiver or alteration of the documented informed consent process. Consult Waiver or Alteration of Informed Consent for more information.

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