The Senate is one of several organizations at Kenyon that provide guidance on various topics to the president and senior staff team. Ultimate responsibility for governance of Kenyon College rests with its Board of Trustees.

Representative Organizations on Campus

Student Council

The Kenyon College Student Council determines and expresses student views concerning College affairs; supervises student organizations, activities, enterprises and social events; administers elections and appointments and removals for student offices; manages the Student Activity Fund; proposes changes to improve student life often in collaboration with the Senate and other College agencies.

Staff Council

Kenyon Staff Council’s mission is to seek opportunities to improve communication access across the campus, with special emphasis on the relationships among exempt and non-exempt employees, the president and senior staff. Every employee’s thoughts, concerns and vision for a better Kenyon guide our efforts.

Faculty Committees

Responsibility for developing and maintaining the academics of the College informs the organization of faculty business and faculty participation in collegiate governance. The faculty act through the faculty meeting and the standing and ad hoc committees of the faculty.