The Campus Senate serves to consider matters of importance to the constituents of Kenyon College. Senate members include elected representatives of faculty, staff and students and appointed representatives of the college administration. We work to improve cooperation and communication between members of the Kenyon community and to recommend and proposals to Kenyon’s administration. Learn more about how the Senate works with other campus organizations.

Meeting Schedule

The Campus Senate meets every other Thursday from 11:10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Any member of the Kenyon community can watch the meeting live via Google Meet.

A running agenda and minutes from previous meetings are available as Google docs.

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Goals for 2020-21

Currently the Senate has identified the following goals for our work this year. These goals are subject to change as issues arise.

  1. Develop a greater understanding of the Senate on campus and improve Senate’s accountability to its constituents.
  2. Assess the current state of student employment at Kenyon and make recommendations for its improvement as per the charge from President Decatur (PDF).
  3. Examine the role and relevance of a mascot to Kenyon — what are the values that a mascot represents and what are the processes for evaluating mascots with respect to those values — as per the charge from President Decatur (PDF).

Past Work and Accomplishments


Kenyon College Campus Senate Recommendations on Student Employment (PDF)


Accessibility Statement


Protest Policy