Article IX. Amendments

Section 1: Amendment Proposals

A. Proposals for amendments may be initiated by elected Campus Senate officers and affiliated governing bodies such as the faculty, Student Council and Staff Council.

B. Procedure for amendment proposals:

  1. Proposed amendments to the Constitution must be publicized at least two weeks before any meeting where they are discussed or adopted.
    • i. Campus Senate must officially inform the faculty, Student Council and Staff Council of any proposed amendments.
  2. The Senate may not adopt amendments to the Constitution at the same meeting where they are introduced or modified.

Section 2: Amendment Voting Threshold

A. Amendments to the Campus Senate Constitution shall be made with a two-thirds majority vote of voting members present only if a quorum has been met.

Section 3: Amendment Ratification Procedure

A. Upon final passage by the Campus Senate, the College president shall act to ratify or veto amendments.

B. The College president shall only ratify amendments to the Constitution passed by the Senate and shall take no action on amendments that fail to be passed by the Senate.

C. The amendments shall become effective upon ratification by the president or, should the president fail to act upon it, after thirty days from the date of the Senate meeting in which the amendments are approved. The days during which the College is not in session do not count towards the thirty-day period.