Upcoming for Spring 2023

All programs will take place from 12:10 - 1 p.m. in Hayes Hall 109 and via Zoom (link provided upon registration). Lunch is provided for in-person attendees. Students, faculty and staff are all welcome to attend.

  • Thursday, March 2: Using Empowerment & Recognition to Lessen Destructive Conflict with the Campus Mediators. Join the Ombuds Office and Campus Mediators for a program highlighting practices used in mediation to support individuals in shifting out of the destructive spiral of conflict. These practices are useful for individuals and groups who want to learn techniques for positive connection, even during difficult conversations. Register for March 2.
  • Tuesday, March 21: Recognizing High Conflict in the World and Yourself. In the book “High Conflict” by Amanda Ripley, the author describes high conflict as “different from the useful friction of healthy conflict.” It is “[t]he force that causes us to lie awake at night, obsessed by a conflict with a coworker or a sibling or a politician we’ve never met.” In this program, participants will discuss what high conflict is, how to recognize it in the world and ourselves, and how to prevent it. Register for March 21.
  • Tuesday, April 18: Conflict Entrepreneurs and Others Fanning the Flames. Conflict entrepreneurs are those people in your orbit that feed into conflict and fuel the feud. Recognizing these individuals in your life can help to short circuit the spiral down into destructive conflict. Drawing from the book “High Conflict” by Amanda Ripley, this program will discuss ways to identify conflict entrepreneurs and ideas to reduce their influence. Register for April 18.

Previously Recorded Programs