Campus Mediators is a campus-wide program with the mission to prevent and resolve conflict within the College community through peer-to-peer mediation, dialogue and conflict resolution skill building. Mediators serve the campus community as neutral mediators of conflict, facilitators of dialogue and promoters of conflict resolution practices. If you have questions or would like to schedule a mediation, you can schedule online, complete the Mediation Interest Form, or contact the Ombuds Office.

Who are the Campus Mediators?

Campus Mediators are students, faculty and staff who have completed mediation training, through the Dayton Mediation Center, and continue to build their conflict resolution skills by way of ongoing education and practice.  This experience equips them with the knowledge and skills to guide peers through difficult conversations and conflict. 

What is mediation?

Mediation is an informal way to resolve disputes and discuss difficult issues with the help of neutral mediators who supports all parties throughout the conversation. Mediators are trained to create a safe space for talking about difficult issues in order for visitors to decide for themselves how best to resolve their concern. In mediation, everyone has an opportunity to talk about their perspective. Mediators will help visitors clarify the important issues and discuss options for creating a lasting solution to the problem.

What issues can I discuss in mediation?

Campus Mediators can assist with various types of concerns and conflict, such as:

  • Roommate conflicts;
  • Disagreements in student and work groups;
  • Work-related issues;
  • Difficulties with faculty or campus staff; and
  • Issues within campus organizations.

What can I expect during a mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process that provides visitors with support to communicate their concerns, discuss options for resolution and generate a possible solution. All mediation communication is kept private and visitors maintain their autonomy to make all decisions themselves. During a mediation, all participants will meet with the mediators and discuss whatever issue has brought them there. The mediators will listen and support visitors in having a positive and constructive conversation.

Is mediation private?

All mediations conducted by the Campus Mediators are considered private and mediators are prohibited from discussing who attends mediation and the matters discussed, unless required to do so by law or Kenyon College policy. Campus Mediators are considered responsible employees under Kenyon's Civil Rights Policy and must inform the Title IX Coordinator of any reports of prohibited conduct

What else do Campus Mediators do?

The Campus Mediators are a valuable resource for the College in preventing, addressing, and resolving conflicts and concerns within our community. They are partners in navigating conflict by:

  • Co-Mediating peer conflicts for individuals and groups, as assigned by the Ombuds Office.
  • Facilitating Kenyon Listens conversations and other campus dialogues.
  • Being a conflict resolution resource for our Kenyon community by promoting and using conflict resolution practices.

How can I learn more or schedule a mediation?

If you'd like to learn more about mediation as an option, or to schedule a mediation, you can schedule online, complete and submit a Mediation Interest Form, or contact the Ombuds Office.