All Kenyon Listens conversations have the same goal: to create spaces for meaningful conversations that deepen community connection and explore how we can work together to make our community stronger.

When is it?

To be determined.

How do I participate?

Register here to receive the meeting link.

Who should participate?

All Kenyon students, staff and faculty members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

What can I expect?

Dialogues will happen in small groups with a facilitator guiding the conversation. The facilitator will offer three questions that examine the Kenyon Listens topic. The first will ask about your life experience, the second on considering a future, and the third to reflect on the conversation. All questions are designed to be answerable by anyone and everyone attending. No special knowledge or preparation is needed.

Civility Rules Pledge

Participants will be asked to voluntarily abide by the Civility Rules Pledge, in order to best support exploring ideas, learning from others and connection.

Can I host my own conversation?

YES! If you’re interested in hosting your own independently organized conversation you can indicate so on your registration, or email The Ombuds Office will provide you with materials and a host guide.

Where is it?

This year, Kenyon Listens will be held virtually. Register here to receive the meeting link.