Cross-listing occurs when a course from one department or program (without any change to the course's departmental designation or number) can satisfy requirements in another department or program. The primary reasons for cross-listing include:

  • to allow a student to count a course from an interdisciplinary program in a department for purposes of diversification (e.g. ENVS 112 counts as a Biology course in fulfillment of the Natural Sciences diversification)
  • for one department's course to be counted in another department for diversification purposes (e.g. MUSC 103 counts as ANTH for Social Sciences diversification)

Cross-listing requires only the approval of chairs of the departments/programs between which the cross-listing occurs. The catalog copy should include a clear indication of the requirement the course can fulfill in the department or program where it is cross-listed.

It is usually sufficient for a department or program simply to list by number and title the courses from other departments or programs that can be counted toward that department/program's major, minor, or concentration in the intro section of that department/program's section in the Course of Catalog.

This is when a course is team-taught by two people from different departments. The course is listed individually in each of the departments (e.g. ENGL 331 and RLST 331, team-taught by Adele Davidson and Royal Rhodes). In such cases, the course is counting as a course for each of the two instructors, students register for one course or the other (thus avoiding double-counting of enrollments), and each course is distinct in some way (focus of students' papers, topics for presentations, etc.).