1. What kinds of changes might be made to a course already approved by CPC?

Changes in course number, course title, the amount of credit offered, repeatability and QR designation all need to be approved by CPC. Please remember that changes to any of these will be binding on any faculty member who teaches the course. Thus, if a faculty member desires to change the title, number, credit, QR qualification, and/or repeatability for a course which is taught by other members of the department, they need to ensure that all faculty who teach the course agree to the changes.

Changes in course descriptions (including prerequisites) generally do not require the approval of CPC so long as they are not substantive. CPC assumes that faculty will from time to time update their course descriptions and that this can routinely occur each year as the Course Catalog is being compiled. However, bear in mind that, for courses taught by several members of a department, it may be easier to write a more general description of the course that can apply to anyone who teaches rather than to tailor the description specifically to each faculty member who teaches it. The Registrar's Office will annually send each department an electronic copy of all of its course descriptions for updating.

2. How do I request a change in the title, number, credit, repeatability, or cross-listing for diversification of a course?

Submit the appropriate Etrieve form linked on the website under Faculty Forms. Fill out the information for the course as it was originally approved, as well as the new information for the changes being proposed. Provide a rationale for the change, and submit the form for consideration by CPC.

3. If a department wishes to make changes in numbering all of its courses rather than, say, one or two, what is the procedure?

Complete the course change form, and upload a document with a list of old numbers and course titles and the corresponding new numbers and titles.