1. Is there a college wide understanding of the numbering system for our courses?

CPC would like to propose the following, very general understanding of what the numbering system means. This is not a binding requirement that all departments must adhere to this system. Rather it is an attempt to make some sense out of diverse practices. While that diversity seems good, we must also bear in mind that, whatever our intentions, students will impose meaning on the numbering system.

  • 100-level: Introductory courses — may satisfy prerequisites for the 200-level.
  • 200-level: Foundation courses — often include surveys, methodology.
  • 300-level: Focus courses — usually cover more specific topics, in greater depth.
  • 400-level: Advanced courses — usually have prerequisites.
  • _91: Special Topics courses (where _ indicates the appropriate level) regardless of the semester they are being offered.

2. If a department wishes to make changes in numbering all of its courses rather than, say, one or two, what is the procedure?

Submit the course change form and upload a document with a list of old numbers and course titles and the corresponding new numbers and titles.