2022-2023 Membership

The current chair of the faculty is Professor of Physics Tom Giblin, and the current vice-chair is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Krista Dalton.

Standing Committees

Chair: Tom Giblin 

Members: Craig Hill (FA), Krista Dalton (Faculty Vice-Chair), Leah Dickens (NS), David Maldonado Rivera (H), Jennifer Johnson (INDS), Austin Johnson (SS), Abbie Erler (CAS), Claire Novotny (CPC), Jon Sherman (FAC), Patrick Ewell (FDC), Bob Milnikel (Senate), Sean Decatur (spring), Jeff Bowman, Sheryl Hemkin, Drew Kerkhoff, Wendy Singer, Ted Mason. 

Ex Officio: Celestino Limas, Ron Griggs

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Chair: Abbie Erler

Faculty Members

Policy Implementation Subcommittee: Keija Parssinen, Natalie Wright

Enrollment Subcommittee: Andrew Engel, Sarah Heidt (spring)

Academic Programs Subcommittee: Tatjana Longerot, Maggie Stevenson, Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky (spring)

Student Members:

Admin. Members: Ellen Harbourt (Registrar), Wendy Singer (Associate Provost), Tom Hawks (Dean of Academic Advising and Support)

Ex Officio: Marne Ausec, Craig Slaughter, Diane Anci, Chris Kennerly, Erin Salva, Dean of Student Development

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Chair: Claire Novotny

Members: Ruth Heindel, Travis Chi Wing Lau, Diego del Río Arrillaga, Matthew Suazo

Student Members: 2 Students

Admin. Members: Wendy Singer (Associate Provost)

Ex Officio: Sheryl Hemkin (fall), Jeff Bowman (spring), Ellen Harbourt, Amy Badertscher (LBIS)

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Chair: Jon Sherman

Members: Pierre Dairon, Brad Hostetler, Iris Levin, Marta Sierra

Admin. Members: Drew Kerkhoff (Associate Provost)

Ex Officio: Sheryl Hemkin (fall), Jeff Bowman (spring)

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Chair: Patrick Ewell

Members: Patricia Richards, Kerry Rouhier, Orchid Tierney, Kai Xie

Admin Member: Drew Kerkhoff (Associate Provost)

Chair: Sarah Murnen

Members: David Leibowitz, Ben Viccellio

Alternates: Yutan Getzler, Judy Holdener, Rosemary O'Neill

Chair:  TBD

Members: Eliza Ablovatski (SS), Piers Brown (H), Anton Dudley (FA), Ross Feller (FA), Tabitha Payne (NS), Vernon Schubel (H), Joan Slonczewski (NS)

Non-voting member: Sheryl Hemkin, Acting Provost

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Chair: Craig Hill (FA)

The Chair is appointed by the Chair of the Faculty from among the other faculty members of the subcommittee

Members: Leah Dickens (NS), Austin Johnson (SS), Jennifer Johnson (INDS), David Maldonado Rivera (H)

Admin. Members: Sheryl Hemkin, Acting Provost (fall)

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College Committees, Elected Faculty Representatives

Fac Co-Chair: Bob Milnikel

Staff Co-Chair: 

Stu Co-Chair: Delaney Gallagher '23

At-Large Members Fac & Staff: Jaret Treber, Kim Wallace

VP Student Affairs: Celestino Limas

Acad. Affairs Rep: A. Prov. - Ted Mason

President: Sean Decatur or Representative

Student Council President: Micah Smith '22

Student Class Reps: Olivia Hynes '24, Skyler Lesser-Roy '22, Ella Wilson '23, and Peter Haas '25


Chair: Katherine Calvin

Members: Hillary Buxton, Patricia Yu

Co-Chair: Paula Millin

Co-Chair: Aaron Reinhard

Faculty Members: Galina An, Erin Leatherman, Paula Millin, Carol Schumacher, and Tim Spiekerman

Student Members: 4-6 Students

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Reps: Juan DePasquale, Carolin Hahnemann

Reps: Jay Corrigan, Sarah Murnen (Fall), Judy Holdener (Spring)

For membership in previous years, please contact the Provost office.