3.2.5 Faculty Affairs Committee (amended March 2000)

Members: Four faculty plus chair, Associate Provost

Ex Officio: Provost; Associate Director of Faculty Grants & Fellowships

Duties: Advise the President on matters of compensation; Review conditions of employment; Evaluate and supervise programs designed to enhance faculty development; Review and update Faculty Handbook ; Supervise recruitment policies; Oversee research proposals involving the use of human subjects.

FAC Awards

Annually, the Faculty Advisory Committee gives out the following awards:

  • Newton Chun Award
  • Faculty Teaching Grants
  • Labalme Research Grants
  • Faculty Research Grants (two rounds)

COVID-19 Guidance

For FAC Awards made in the 2019 - 2020 Academic year:

Awardees have an extra year to expend the funds and an extra year to file the report
(but receipts are still due within 60 days of expenditures)

Contact the chair of FAC if you will not be able to expend awarded funds by June
1, 2022, because unexpended funds will be lost at that time.

The nature and details of your project cannot change. To change the location you intended to travel, the conference you planned to attend, etc. would change the basis on which the funding decision was made, so unless you can do the same project at a different location, you must reapply for funding. If you have
questions about what changes might be acceptable without submitting a new proposal, consult the chair of FAC

This is a notification of an internal procedure of FAC, not legislation.