Information Technology (IT) provides many services to support Kenyon's academic and business functions. Access to specific resources may vary depending on your role.

Computers and Mobile Devices

IT is responsible for procuring and managing Kenyon employee and public computers (Macs and Windows PCs), and mobile devices, such Apple iPads. IT also manages the software on those devices for essential tasks, as well as the local network that connects the computers and mobile devices to the Internet and to other Kenyon resources.

Printer Management

IT manages the printers and copiers located throughout campus, including public printers available to all students, faculty, and staff, and departmental printers. 

Campus Phone Management

IT manages the campus phones located throughout campus, including phones in faculty and staff offices, public spaces, and blue light emergency phones. 

Productivity Software

IT provides and manages the software that keeps Kenyon communicating, learning, and working. From email to word processing, cloud storage to high-performance storage clusters, IT manages access to these vital resources.

Learning Technology

IT supports the computers and the greater technology landscape in classrooms and labs throughout campus, such as projectors, audio and visual presentation systems, and computers, as well as the software installed on those computers.  IT also manages the technology for events in these spaces throughout campus.

Research Computing

IT manages and maintains the High Performance Computing cluster, a set of computing resources that are available for academic research in both student and faculty research. Kenyon's HPC cluster includes CPU, memory, and GPGPU nodes for performance-sensitive needs.

Computer Labs

IT manages several public and academic computer labs and laptop fleets, as well as the Chalmers Technology Center that is open to faculty, staff, and students.

Information Security

Kenyon takes the privacy and security of your data very seriously. IT keeps your data secure by keeping systems up-to-date, utilizing recognized industry best practices, carefully monitoring and mitigating threat vectors, and reviewing and testing new technology.

Network Management

IT manages the wired and wireless networks for the campus which is open to faculty, staff, students and guests.

Card Access Management

IT manages the identity cards and physical access controls for the campus. This includes K-Card and Mobile ID services.  

Enterprise Applications and Reporting

IT provides application systems that support the business functions of departments across our campus. These systems give our campus the ability to manage and access data as well as interface with other departments. Some of our key application systems include Banner, Cognos, Etrieve, Kenyon Reservations and Slate. 

Information Technology

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