Through integrated services, Library & Information Services (LBIS) connects the Kenyon community to comprehensive and reliable resources and expertise. We develop the skills in ourselves and others to effectively navigate and engage with those resources amidst an evolving technology and information environment. We value positive experiences and creating an inclusive culture of collaboration, innovation, and integrity.  

We are organized into four departments:

Library Services

Provides library services, including the management of physical and electronic scholarly books, journals, and databases; supporting faculty in making available course readings; individual research assistance and library research instruction associated with courses; classroom, study and exhibit spaces in the Chalmers Library; archives and special collections.

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research collects, organizes, analyzes, interprets and disseminates institutional data and intelligence for the purpose of decision-making, policy formation, planning and assessment of programs and activities. 

Information Technology

Support for accounts and security; classroom, meeting room, and personal computer technology; Google Workspace services (including email, calendars, and network storage); telephones; campus networking; printing; and major campus systems (including Kenyon Reservations, Personal Access Pages, Plan Ahead, RAVE emergency alerts, student Mobile ID, and administrative systems like Banner and Advance), technology for Kenyon and guest events; and digitization. Services also include the Helpline, the student-staffed technology help desk.

Project Management

The Project Management Office provides support for new technology implementation and other campus-wide upgrades.

Strategic Areas and Priorities

Support continuous improvement and organizational effectiveness throughout the College

Maximize flexible use of spaces & resources

Expand awareness of & strengthen communication about our services

Enrich the individual experience with our services

Enhance opportunities for feedback within our team & with the community

Continue to seek & implement operational efficiencies within Library & Information Services

Foster individual employee growth & expertise Develop meaningful learning opportunities for student employees  

Promote independence through strengthening foundational technology, data, & research skills

Support decision-making throughout the College by sharing expertise

Cultivate engagement opportunities with partners outside of Library & Information Services

The Library and Information Services Division affirms the College’s core values regarding diversity, inclusion, and equity, and is committed to humbly partnering with others who are doing this work. We strive to provide equitable and accessible service to all people, cultivate a sense of belonging, and to represent many voices, with an emphasis on historically underrepresented groups. We believe in continually improving the diversity, knowledge and practices of our staff, both student and professional teammates, through respectful conversation and open communication to best meet these values.

Areas of Focus

Culture: Improve the ability of the LBIS staff to create an inclusive environment and work effectively within a diverse community

Employment: Hire, retain, and support a diverse staff

System: Provide inclusive systems and services to the campus community

Current DIT Initiatives

Partner with Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and other campus departments to provide inclusive and anti-racist resources for students, staff and faculty.

Develop and brainstorm virtual programming to anti-racism and inclusivity as it pertains to the information systems and technology we use.

Identify and implement inclusive job ads and descriptions.

Target inclusive job boards and listservs in order to garner a more diverse applicant pool.

Assess and eventuate student hiring practices.

Phone Number
Library Services
Institutional Research
Chalmers Library
103 College Drive
Information Technology Department
Chalmers Library
103 College Drive
Farr Hall, Second Floor
106 Gaskin Avenue
Kenyon College
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