What should you do if you are experiencing Wi-Fi issues? Who do you call if are having classroom technology issues? Not the Ghostbusters! When in doubt you can always search our knowledge base at technology.kenyon.edu or fill out a technology request.

Who do I contact?

If you are a faculty member having difficulty with technology in a classroom environment, please call 740-427-5711 for immediate classroom support. This number is shared by our classroom technology support staff so that one person is always on call during the academic day.

We do not have staff for evening support calls, but we make special arrangements to provide technology support for important campus events in the evenings — generally through the Campus Reservations System. For all other issues please call the Helpline at 740-427-5700.   

Please fill out this form with any account-related questions (ex: a staff member needs access to a permission group for a Shared Drive).

TOPdesk Self Service Portal > Technology Requests > Accounts & Security Request > Accounts & Security Request Form 

Our IT Accounts Management Team will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that the process of creating and managing accounts and permissions is complex and the volume of changes is higher than ever. Our goal is to meet your needs within five business days.

Kenyon Network Passwords

To update your password, please follow the instructions in this knowledge base article: Your Kenyon Network Password.

Setting up Your Computer to Print

The Helpline staff at 740-427-5700 can assist students, faculty and staff in setting up computers to access printers on campus. The Helpline staff can also help determine if there is a problem with your permissions and put in a service request to the IT staff to investigate and solve.

Mobile Printing

Personal devices can install an app called MobilityPrint through personalprint.kenyon.edu, which provides support for Windows, MacOS, Android, ChromeOS and iOS. MobilityPrint maximizes the range of devices at a loss to features like stapling, hole punches, etc.

Support and Maintenance

Toner: Printer toner automatically ships to campus representatives (usually admin assistants) when it gets low enough.

Mechanical: Modern Office Methods (MOM) is the best contact for any mechanical needs. The contact number for service and their Helpdesk is printed on the printer.

Apps: If there are issues with the apps PrintDeploy or MobilityPrint, please fill out this form.

TOPdesk Self Service Portal > Technology Requests > Printer Services > Printing Requests

Our IT assistants team would like to know as soon as possible so they can attend to the printer.


Modern Office Methods (MOM) offers direct in person training at no additional expense. You can schedule it for your office as needed. The contact number is printed on the printer.

Getting Started with Zoom Phone

Kenyon uses Zoom Phone as our campus phone system. This has full support for soft clients (on your desktop, laptop, and cell phone) and hardware clients (like your existing desk phone). Zoom Phone licenses will allow you to place and receive phone calls, while your Zoom Meeting license will allow you to use premium meeting features, like larger rooms, uncapped meeting minutes, and meeting transcripts.

To get started with your Zoom Phone, please follow the instructions in the knowledge base article Getting Started with Zoom (SSO Required). If you do not have the Zoom client installed, please follow the instructions in the knowledge base article Installing Zoom (SSO Required).

Support and Maintenance

Please review the FAQ for the Zoom Phone Project. If there are issues with your software phone, hardware phone, or Zoom app please fill out this form

TOPdesk Self Service Portal > Technology Requests > Phone Services > Phone Requests

Our IT phone support team would like to know as soon as possible so they can attend to the phone.


Information Technology will offer training sessions this fall for Zoom Phone, the new communication solution for campus calls. Please complete this form to register for an upcoming session.

Training sessions will be held virtually and there are two types of training available — one for the software phone (on your desktop, laptop and cell phone) and one for the hardware phone (like your existing desk phone).

Whether you are new to Zoom Phone or looking to enhance your existing understanding, these training sessions will provide valuable insights, tips and best practices for a smooth experience. By attending the training, you will learn about the various features and functionalities of Zoom Phone — including logging in, call management, voicemail, call routing and much more. Bring your questions!

Kenyon Devices

To connect devices, please follow the instructions in the knowledge base article Connect to the Kenyon Wireless Network

Pro Tip:  Set a yearly calendar event with a link to these instructions to renew your enrolled devices!

Wireless Issues

At any point that you are experiencing an issue with Wi-Fi, please fill out this form (ex: the Toan track Wi-Fi is out).

TOPdesk Self Service Portal > Technology Requests > Networks and Connectivity > Campus Network Wi-Fi Request

Our IT networking team would like to know immediately if there are Wi-Fi issues so they can troubleshoot.

At any point that you have data, reporting, or Cognos related questions, please get in touch with the IT data and reporting team at it-cognos-support@kenyon.edu.

To update your K-Card photo, go to kcard.kenyon.edu. Like other Kenyon systems, you will need to sign in with your Kenyon email, using DUO, to verify that it is you. 

Next, choose "Submit ID Photo" to update your photo. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the IT Card Office at cardoffice@kenyon.edu.

If you need to report a security concern or issue, please get in touch with the Information Security Team at cybersecurity@kenyon.edu.

For all other IT questions, please fill out one of our technology requests through the TOPDesk self-service portal.

Information Technology

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