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Kenyon Alumni Book Club

This joint project between the Kenyon Review and the Office of Alumni Engagement will transport you back to the classroom — with no essays required!

Kenyon Career Network

A Kenyon degree is forever and so is the network! Explore the power of a Kenyon education beyond the classroom by connecting with students, fellow alumni, and parent volunteers. The KCN offers interest-based and regional communities as well as a variety of opportunities for professional networking.

Digital Backgrounds

Spice up your online Zoom meetings with some beautiful Kenyon backgrounds courtesy of Brad Remick '84.

Kenyon Masks

Show your purple pride with a double layer jersey face covering, available for purchase in-person or online from the Kenyon College Bookstore.

Virtual Reunions

Hoping to connect with your pledge class, athletic team, former hall mates, or a cappella group? We're here to help you host a virtual reunion. Contact us if you need up-to-date contact information or other assistance.

Kenyon in Your Kitchen

Kenyon alumni working in food and drink industries are sharing their go-to happy hour pairings. Look out for a new recommendation every Friday!

Kenyon Recordings and Virtual Tours


CABARET-19 combines film, live theatre, dance and music to create an immediate response to our times through a collection of interconnected short pieces.

Fall Dance Concert

Watch the livestream recording of the Kenyon College Dance Ensemble's fall concert.

Live Jazz

Watch a livestream recording of the Kenyon Jazz Ensemble performing a socially-distanced concert on the Rosse Hall stage.

Spotlight on A Cappella

Enjoy a playlist of stellar performances that represent Kenyon's strong tradition of a cappella. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to sing along!

Virtual Campus Tours

Missing the beauty of Middle Path? Always wanted to take a peek inside the North Campus Apartments? Check out these playlists of tours and take a virtual stroll through Gambier.

History of the Campus with Tom Stamp

From the beginning, aesthetic considerations, as well as functional ones, have guided the College's decisions about its facilities and landscape. This presentation spans Kenyon's history, from Philander Chase's choice to relocate to the Ohio wilderness to the construction of the West Quad.

Inside the Gund

Experience the Gund Gallery Collection through the disciplinary perspectives of Kenyon professors. Episodes features a professor offering insight into the artwork and demonstrating how art is an integral part of their teaching.

About Philander Chase Conservancy & Kokosing Nature Preserve

Jayne Gelman '22 introduces the Philander Chase Conservancy and the Kokosing Nature Preserve.

WKCO Middle Path Sessions

Recorded, filmed, and produced by the students of WKCO 91.9 FM, Middle Path Sessions highlight the musical talents of the Kenyon community through on-location live performances.

In a Pandemic — An Outbreak of Poetry with Royal Rhodes

In this virtual talk led by Donald L. Rogan Professor of Religious Studies Emeritus Royal Rhodes, hear a few poems from the past and present connect during these dry days of disconnection.

Is the American Experiment Still Viable?

“Is the American Experiment Still Viable?” — a Hill to Hill event — is a series of six virtual alumni panel discussions sponsored by the Center for the Study of American Democracy in conjunction with the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement.

Southern Responses to Social Injustice

Presented by the Carolinas, Nashville, and Atlanta Regional Associations, an interdisciplinary panel of alumni from the region addresses the past, present, and future of social justice in the South.

Neanderthals, Too Stupid to Live? with Bruce Hardy

Neanderthals are typically seen as the dimwits of the stone age who died out once we, the mighty Homo sapiens, showed up. Is this an accurate depiction? This lecture presents the latest data addressing this ongoing us vs. them battle.

The Great Simplification with Fred Baumann

Baumann discusses the increasingly simplified and extreme oppositions we are experiencing in current American politics and asks what this is likely to mean in the not so distant future.

Coaching Through COVID

Volleyball Coach Rosanna Sguerra, Swimming Coach Jess Book '01 and Women's Tennis Coach Scott Thielke discuss the many challenges and innovations in collegiate athletics in response to the pandemic.

Walking in Our Shoes: Student Athlete Panel

The Department of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation hosted a virtual panel featuring current varsity athletes discussing their experience as student athletes and people of color at Kenyon.

Walking in Our Shoes: Alumni Panel

The Department of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation hosted a virtual panel moderated by President Sean Decatur featuring alumni discussing their experience as student athletes and people of color at Kenyon.

December 10 Town Hall

Kenyon alumni are invited to join President Decatur as we close out 2020 and look forward to Kenyon's future, including plans for the spring semester, an update on the strategic plan and a look at the housing study.

Democracy and Education: An Introduction to Rousseau’s 'Emile' with Pam Jensen

"Emile" is Rousseau’s master work in which he imagines the education of an aristocratic child from birth to marriage. Five virtual classes will cover the stages of Emile’s education: physical training, intellectual development, moral and spiritual lessons, lessons in taste and lessons in love. Emile the man is endowed with democratic values; he represents a repudiation of the established order. In what sense could he be a model for us?

'Ask Me Anything' with Lincoln Bleveans '89

What's going on in the renewable power sector? Are utility companies making progress toward cutting carbon emissions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels? What's an IPP? Lincoln Bleveans, an executive at Burbank Water & Power, answers your questions.

Anthony Jack Discusses 'The Privileged Poor'

Anthony Jack examines how class and culture shape how undergraduates navigate college by exploring the “experiential core of college life,” those often overlooked moments between getting in and graduating.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Dialogue

This year’s keynote speaker, Eddie S. Glaude Jr., is the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of African American Studies at Princeton. Glaude’s talk was based on his bestselling book "Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own."

A Celebration of Kenyon Green Initiatives

Celebrate 25 years of the Brown Family Environmental Center, 20 years of the Philander Chase Conservancy, five years of the Kokosing Nature Preserve, and learn more about the Kenyon Farm and the ambitious plans for the next 25 years!

Valentines Saints and Sinners: An evening with Royal Rhodes

February, in many traditions both sacred and secular, foregrounds how we deal with love and relationships with each other and with nature. Sometimes these are emotionally intense, and oftentimes they are playful. February also begins a new year in the Celtic calendar, bringing signs of hope and renewal. That's what makes this month the perfect backdrop for this discussion. We'll celebrate the human spirit as we journey through the festivities of Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day and Purim to a jubilant Carnival. We'll discuss how writers, both ancient and modern and who we can consider either "naughty or nice," help us see ourselves and take stock. And, we'll share poetic responses to poems from St. Brigid, Shakespeare, Donne, Larkin, Duffy and even alumni.

An Odyssey Back to Gambier

Sante Matteo '71 planted a seed when he taught an Italian course for the Gambier Experimental College as a senior at Kenyon during the 1970-71 school year. During our virtual event for alumni, parents and friends of the College, Sante and Simone, previously Sante's teaching assistant, discussed their eourneys from and to Gambier, as well as their collaboration collections of Sante's essays.

Poetry Across the Ocean

Join us for "Poetry Across the Ocean," a virtual event with poet Daniel Mark Epstein '70, in conversation with his Italian translator, Kenyon professor Simone Dubrovic.

Kenyon in the U.S. Civil War

College Historian and Keeper of Kenyoniana Tom Stamp '73 presented a talk on Kenyon during the Civil War.

While many have heard that Secretary of War Edwin Stanton was educated at the College, and that Kenyon President Lorin Andrews was the first Ohioan to enlist in the Union Army, there are many others with ties to the College who are less well known but still important figures in the Civil War and its time period. In fact, the numbers of Kenyon men who played significant roles on the national scene in the mid-nineteenth century is astounding. This talk will introduce you to several of them, including politicians and military men from both the Union and the Confederacy.

2021 Leopoldo Lopez Freedom and Democracy Award

The Leopoldo López Freedom and Democracy Award honors an individual who has shown a commitment to plural and inclusive democracy echoing that of the award’s namesake, prominent Venezuelan opposition leader and political prisoner Leopoldo López ’93 H’07. In creating the award, López’s classmates, family and the Kenyon community at large ensure López’s commitment and bravery will not be forgotten, and they shine a light on the dangers of undermining the core principles of democracy.

Alumni Recordings and Productions

'Leave Meeting' Play Debut

Watch Murray Horwitz '70 debut his play "Leave Meeting" on Stream ON!, an international ten-minute play festival that has been streaming live monthly since April. (Language may not be suitable for children.)

'The Party’s Over' Radio Drama

An original radio drama, conceived by co-editor Sam Hafetz '23 and produced by Ava Gruskoff '23, explores the need for purpose and continual failure to fulfill it through the story of four teenagers who make a monumental bet with a ghost. It features the voices of Gruskoff, Walker Borba '23, Francis Ohe '23, Dana Greenleaf '21 and Delilah Cravens '21.

Words of Support, Hope and Encouragement

A virtual assembly of Kenyon graduates in ministry, across all religious traditions, to share their words of support, hope and encouragement.

'Tragedies for the Pandemic" with Bryan Doerries '98

To kick off of Theater of War Productions' year-long virtual residency at Kenyon College, artistic director Bryan Doerries gave a lecture on Sept. 24, 2020.