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Kenyon Alumni YouTube Channel

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Virtual Reunions

Hoping to connect with your pledge class, athletic team, former hall mates, or a cappella group? We're here to help you host a virtual reunion. Contact us if you need up-to-date contact information or other assistance.

Digital Backgrounds

Spice up your online Zoom meetings with some beautiful Kenyon backgrounds courtesy of Brad Remick '84.

Kenyon Women Giving Back: Environmental Justice

This installment of the Kenyon Women Giving Back series continues with a virtual event that will feature alumnae panelists discussing their philanthropic support for environmental justice.

Hear Colette Pichon Battle '97 H'18 and Karin Chamberlain '92 discuss their philanthropic support for maintaining a healthy environment in which to live, learn and work. The event is moderated by Dorothy & Thomas Jegla Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Ruth Heindel.

Instructional Design Roundtable

Instructional design is a relatively new field that has evolved at the same time that education has become infused with different technologies and learning methodologies. Hear from our panelists, all of whom entered the field almost by accident.

Latine in Law

Join a panel of alumni working in a diverse array of legal professions for a discussion that will include hot topics, strategies for allyship and how to utilize leadership and mentorship to advance members of the legal profession with Latin American heritage.

Panelists for this session include:
Javier Flores '03, Office Managing Partner, Boston, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
Luz Lopez Ortiz '92, Senior Supervising Attorney, Southern Poverty Law Center
Gerard Solis '95, General Counsel, University of South Florida
Carlos Lopez Martinez '23, president of Adelante (moderator)

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Understanding the Current Crisis

A panel discussion featuring:

Eliza Ablovatski, Associate Professor of History
Anna Aydinyan, Assistant Professor of Russian
David Rowe, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for American Democracy
Joseph Klesner, Professor of Political Science (moderator)

'A La Calle' with Leopoldo Lopez '93

Premiering Sept.15 on HBO Max, "A La Calle" is a firsthand account of the efforts of ordinary Venezuelans to reclaim their democracy from the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, whose corrupt and brutal policies have plunged the country into economic ruin. Working with a network of clandestine camera crews, the filmmakers spent three years recording exclusive interviews with key opposition figures including Leopoldo López '93.

What Every 21st Century Kenyon Student Needs to Know

Learn how the director of Kenyon's Integrated Program in Humane Studies, Associate Professor Katherine Elkins, and former Silicon Valley startup CEO Jon Chun teamed up to create a new interdisciplinary curriculum for the 21st century. Convinced that many of the big questions facing us today center around technology — and that we shouldn't leave the solutions to the engineers — they created the first curriculum of its kind and are writing a textbook for a major publisher.

Managing Up: Working Successfully with Any Type of Boss

Join Mary Abbajay '86, author of "Managing Up: How to Forge an Effective Relationship With Those Above You," for an interactive presentation.

Global Kenyon International Alumni Gathering

Connect with Kenyon from afar! International alumni (both those from another country who attended Kenyon and those currently living internationally) are invited to join us for a virtual, global gathering to hear updates from the Hill and discuss how you'd like to stay connected with the College.

You're Never Too Old to Read Children's Books

The Class of 1972 sponsored a pre-Reunion event with Charles Otting '72 P'05 '06 and Paula Barone '72, GP'25 as they reviewed and recommended children's literature for you and the children in your life. Recorded live from the Kenyon Bookstore.

Kenyon in Copenhagen

Join Sarah Heidt, associate professor of English and resident co-director of the Kenyon-Copenhagen fall 2021 program, and other Kenyon faculty and staff who are supporting the innovative program to hear about Kenyon in Copenhagen.

Higher Ed Roundtable

Alumni, families and friends of the College are invited to join Kenyon alumni working in higher education for an informal conversation about hot topics, best practices and connecting with fellow alumni in the field.

How to Career Pivot Like a Pro

Contemplating a career shift? Hear from experts and alumni who have taken the plunge and changed career fields. Panelists include: Amy Rowland '97, founder at Varia Search; Larae Schraeder '97, solo practitioner at Schraeder Law LLC and director of enterprise analytics at Nationwide Insurance; Win Sheffield '77, career coach; Ronald Maheia '13, talent management and human resources professional at Carmen Schools of Science and Technology; and Christine O'Neill '98, career coach.

Marijuana as Medicine

The Class of 1972 invites you to join them for an evening with Dr. Theodore Parran Jr. '78 to learn about the current understanding and trends around marijuana as medicine.

Working Abroad Virtual Roundtable

Alumni, families and friends of the College are invited to join Kenyon alumni working abroad for an informal conversation about hot topics, best practices and connecting with fellow alumni in the field.

Where Does the Time Go? Tips for Managing Time and Priorities

Join Doug Gertner '81, Ph.D., to take a quick dive into time management. This session includes a review of current and best practices, clarification of core values and an introduction to new skills that will help you focus on priorities, get organized and stay on track during challenging times.

Marketing & Digital Advertising Roundtable

All alumni, families, students and friends of the College are invited to a virtual roundtable discussion on marketing, digital and insights. Tune in to hear about the hot topics, trends, best practices and pro tips from our panel of conversation leaders.

Becoming a Nonprofit Board Member: What You Need to Know

Join a panel of Kenyon alumni to learn more about deepening your community involvement and meaningfully enriching your resume through nonprofit board membership.

Robin Salomon '80
Lisa Wood '81
Chip Burke '83, moderator

Why Can't We Be Friends?

In her book, "Dear White Woman, Please Come Home," Kimberlee Yolanda Williams helps readers understand why authentic cross-racial friendships have been nearly impossible and explores the tools that put them within reach. Join Debby Irving '83 and Kimberlee, author of "Waking Up White," as Kimberlee reads from her book and they discuss their own journey to authentic friendship and solidarity.

What is Literacy? Digital Storytelling in Education Today

Join a panel of alumni and faculty experts to learn more about expanding literacy, contributing to the library of the future and providing different modalities of expression through digital storytelling. Panelists include:

Brett Pierce '81
Author of the forthcoming book from Heinemann, "Expanding Literacy: Bringing Digital Storytelling into Your Classroom;" Founder and Executive Director, Meridian Stories

Joe Murphy
Director of the Center for Innovative Pedagogy, Kenyon College

Orchid Tierney
Assistant Professor of English, Kenyon College

DEI Roundtable

All alumni, families, students and friends of Kenyon are invited to a virtual roundtable discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion. Tune in to hear about hot topics, trends, best practices and tips from our panel of conversation leaders.

Writers of the Class of 2002

Members of the Kenyon community are invited to attend an alumni panel of writers from the class of 2002 who will be discussing how Kenyon shaped their writing and careers.

The panel will be moderated by English professor and Kenyon Writer-in-Residence P.F. Kluge. Panelists include David Bukszpan, Monica Cure, Jesse Donaldson, Jeremy Hawkins and Caitlin Horrocks.

Hill to Hill: Midterm Elections Panel

The midterms are behind us, members of a new (and divided) Congress will take their seats and the 2024 presidential election looms — one contender has already announced his candidacy. What do the next two years hold for us politically? Kenyon's Center for American Democracy hosted an alumni panel discussion focused on that question, including Jim Ceaser '67 H'02, George Cook '99 and Sarah Longwell '02.

2020 - 2022 Recordings


CABARET-19 combines film, live theatre, dance and music to create an immediate response to our times through a collection of interconnected short pieces.

Live Jazz

Watch a livestream recording of the Kenyon Jazz Ensemble performing a socially-distanced concert on the Rosse Hall stage.

Spotlight on A Cappella

Enjoy a playlist of stellar performances that represent Kenyon's strong tradition of a cappella. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to sing along!

History of the Campus with Tom Stamp

This presentation spans Kenyon's history, from Philander Chase's choice to relocate to the Ohio wilderness to the construction of the West Quad.

About Philander Chase Conservancy and Kokosing Nature Preserve

Jayne Gelman '22 introduces the Philander Chase Conservancy and the Kokosing Nature Preserve.

In a Pandemic — An Outbreak of Poetry with Royal Rhodes

In this virtual talk led by Donald L. Rogan Professor of Religious Studies Emeritus Royal Rhodes, hear a few poems from the past and present connect during these dry days of disconnection.

Is the American Experiment Still Viable?

“Is the American Experiment Still Viable?” — a Hill to Hill event — is a series of six virtual alumni panel discussions sponsored by the Center for the Study of American Democracy in conjunction with the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement.

Southern Responses to Social Injustice

Presented by the Carolinas, Nashville, and Atlanta Regional Associations, an interdisciplinary panel of alumni from the region addresses the past, present, and future of social justice in the South.

Neanderthals, Too Stupid to Live? with Bruce Hardy

Neanderthals are typically seen as the dimwits of the stone age who died out once we, the mighty Homo sapiens, showed up. Is this an accurate depiction?

The Great Simplification with Fred Baumann

Baumann discusses the increasingly simplified and extreme oppositions we are experiencing in current American politics and asks what this is likely to mean in the not so distant future.

Walking in Our Shoes: Student Athlete Panel

The Department of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation hosted a virtual panel featuring current varsity athletes discussing their experience as student athletes and people of color at Kenyon.

Walking in Our Shoes: Alumni Panel

The Department of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation hosted a virtual panel moderated by President Sean Decatur featuring alumni discussing their experience as student athletes and people of color at Kenyon.

'Ask Me Anything' with Lincoln Bleveans '89

What's going on in the renewable power sector? Are utility companies making progress toward cutting carbon emissions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels? What's an IPP?

Anthony Jack Discusses 'The Privileged Poor'

Anthony Jack examines how class and culture shape how undergraduates navigate college by exploring the “experiential core of college life,” those often overlooked moments between getting in and graduating.

A Celebration of Kenyon Green Initiatives

Celebrate 25 years of the Brown Family Environmental Center, 20 years of the Philander Chase Conservancy, five years of the Kokosing Nature Preserve, and learn more about the Kenyon Farm and the ambitious plans for the next 25 years!

Valentines Saints and Sinners: An Evening with Royal Rhodes

Celebrate February's many holidays with an evening of poetry.

An Odyssey Back to Gambier

During our virtual event for alumni, parents and friends of the College, Sante and Simone, previously Sante's teaching assistant, discussed their eourneys from and to Gambier, as well as their collaboration collections of Sante's essays.

Poetry Across the Ocean

Join us for "Poetry Across the Ocean," a virtual event with poet Daniel Mark Epstein '70, in conversation with his Italian translator, Kenyon professor Simone Dubrovic.

Kenyon in the U.S. Civil War

College Historian and Keeper of Kenyoniana Tom Stamp '73 presented a talk on Kenyon during the Civil War.