The external resources below have been identified to address a wide range of mental health and wellness topics and will be updated from time to time. These resources are not exhaustive but will provide a good starting point for general information. For more specific questions about resources, please reach out to for assistance.

Please note that these are external websites and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kenyon College.

• The Jed Foundation: a foundation dedicated to protecting the emotional health and preventing suicide of teens and young adults

LifeRing: a recovery community focused on self-help and sobriety support

Mental Health America

NAMI: the National Alliance on Mental Illness; providing education and resources on mental health

NEDA: the National Eating Disorder Association; the largest non-profit organization supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders

NEDA network virtual support groups: virtual support groups for disordered eating (search by location)

NIMH: the National Institute of Mental Health; a resource for education and treatment of mental health concerns

Psychology Today: provider locator

RAINN: the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization

SAMHSA: the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration treatment provider locator

SMART Recovery: a global community of mutual support groups

The Trevor Project: crisis intervention and support services for LGBTQ+ community

Trans Lifeline: crisis intervention and support services for the Trans community

Women For Sobriety: recovery support for all expressions of female identity

• Bulimia Help: practical help for Bulimia recovery

Go Ask Alice: ask questions anonymously about general health and other topics, including relationships, sexuality, sexual health, emotional health, fitness, nutrition, alcohol, and drugs

Mindful: a helpful resource to increase mindfulness, awareness and compassion

Set to go: a JED program to help with the transition to college life

The Body Is Not An Apology: an international movement committed to increasing radical self-love and body empowerment

Wired for happy: top 100 mental health resources online

• Headspace 

• Calm

• Breethe

• Insight Timer 

• Moodfit 

• MoodMission

• Sanvello 

• Happify