That international and study-abroad students fosters an international outlook on the Kenyon campus and in the community by supporting a variety of events and programming.

Meet the World in Knox County

"Meet the World in Knox County" brings Kenyon College’s international students to Knox County classrooms to offer supplemental information at appropriate grade levels. Contact us about the current availability of this program.

Global Engagement Week

Students benefit from taking a global approach to their education at Kenyon. To celebrate the opportunities in studying abroad, the College sponsors Global Engagement Week every October. The week is filled with activities from a dinner and discussion to film viewings, a West African dance class and a poster session from those who have studied abroad.

Kenyon Global Crossroads

The Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) sponsors Global Crossroads, a four-year initiative to advance internationalization to the programs of learning that define our undergraduates' experience of the liberal arts. Many programs will involve collaboration with members of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance, an international partnership of 29 U.S.-style liberal arts institutions representing 17 countries (including the thirteen members of the GLCA).