Welcome to Kenyon! We are committed to building a multicultural community that reflects and affirms global diversity and a rich cultural exchange where all of us at Kenyon learn from each other's experiences and perspectives.

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) is the primary resource for international students but by no means the only one. We're here to provide information and assistance in dealing with federal immigration regulations and supporting you academically, culturally and personally. We also encourage you to contact the many student support offices around campus, but when in doubt, please ask us! We hope that your time at Kenyon will be exciting, productive and fulfilling, and that Hoehn-Saric House will feel like a home away from home. Please visit us, just to say hello or with any questions or concerns.

Arriving at Kenyon

International student pre-orientation is held in August before the general new student orientation. It's a chance to connect socially with other international students, learn about campus resources and meet representatives from campus offices. Pre-orientation includes a campus tour and information about the U.S. academic system, health and counseling center, athletic center, dining hall, and support offices.

Host families are available, and host families and students often continue their relationship through the four years the student is at Kenyon. The family provides a connection to the community and may include the student in holiday celebrations and other gatherings.


Kenyon offers a variety of support and resources for international students. Click on the links in each category for more information.

Immigration Regulations and Laws

We discuss immigration, student work and tax obligations at international pre-orientation and at appropriate times throughout the year. If you have any questions on these topics, please contact the CGE, as acting outside the confines of the immigration regulations can result in serious legal consequences. Find out more about immigration regulations and applicable U.S. laws.

Academic Life

The Kenyon curriculum, rooted in the traditional liberal arts and sciences, is enriched by interdisciplinary programs that emphasize global understanding. Small classes, dedicated teachers, and open minds define our academic philosophy. Find out more about academic resources at Kenyon.

Campus Life

Life at Kenyon is made of, made for, and made by our remarkable community of students. The College plays a supporting role, providing resources, facilities, and expertise. Find out more about living at Kenyon and the services and resources provided by the College and student organizations. View a list of abbreviations and acronyms.

Health and Safety

From 24-hour campus safety services to a health and counseling center, there are a variety of resources at Kenyon to ensure that your time at the College is safe and that any health-related problems can be addressed quickly and expertly. Find out more about health and safety at Kenyon.

Transportation and Travel

Kenyon has several transportation resources including a free shuttle bus to the nearest town, Mount Vernon. Find out more about transportation and traveling beyond Kenyon

Student Work

Kenyon provides part-time student work opportunities during the academic year and during the summer break. Summer work off-campus, related to your field of study, is also an option. Find out more about student work.