For New Students

ARTS 101-108 offer the beginning student a wide variety of media and subject matter to explore. In each class, students confront the decisions that go into making personally meaningful artwork via demonstrations, slides, lectures, and critique sessions, but most importantly by manipulating materials and ideas. Course content and approach will differ from section to section or class to class, but in each the goal is to introduce students to the ideas, techniques, and vocabularies of producing visual art.

Enrollment in introductory courses usually ranges from fifteen to twenty-three students per section, depending on facilities. No previous art experience is necessary.

Requirements for the Studio Art Major

The requirements for the studio art major are outlined in the course catalog.

Requirements for the Studio Art Minor

The requirements for the studio art minor are outlined in the course catalog.

Independent Studies in Studio Art

The studio faculty do not recommend independent studies because we feel it is important for students to work in the context of other artists. Nonetheless we know that occasionally an independent study might be appropriate. They must be approved by the department according to the following guidelines:

  • Independent Studies should be undertaken when a student has exhausted all the options for that media in the regular curriculum.
  • The subject for an independent study must be in a discipline that the faculty member has expertise.
  • An Independent Study does not count toward the requirements of the major, it is considered an extra course.
  • An Independent Study should not overload the faculty member.
  • When possible the student should connect with a class doing a similar media in the faculty member's field for feedback from other students (critiques).
  • The responsibility for writing up a contract, maintaining a schedule and motivation belongs with the student, not the faculty member.

Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone is outlined in the course catalog. For more detailed information, consult the guidelines or speak with the chair of the department.