The Visual Resources Center (VRC) is a department and collegiate resource for investigating works of art, architecture, material and visual culture. Support includes:

  • Researching, cataloging, scanning and uploading to public databases any set of visual images for any department or program
  • Printing objects/designs using a one-or-full-color 3-D printer
  • 3-D modeling including photogrammetry, SketchUp and Blender
  • Large format printing
  • Exhibition spaces for courses utilizing object-based learning, student-curated shows and hands-on demonstrations
  • Student-generated and faculty-guided art-historical research

Students who work in the VRC receive basic training in the methods of digital photography, digitizing slides, editing digital images, uploading the images to servers, 3-D printing and modeling, and they learn how to research and catalog art.

• The Boris Blick Study Collection with over 400 pieces dating from antiquity through the current day.

• The Denis Baly Collection of about 10,000 color slides, focusing on the Near East.

• The Barker Newhall Collection of Greek and Roman monuments consisting of about 600 mounted and labeled 19th-century photographs.

• The Carnegie Collection of about 2000 mounted and labeled photographs, donated to the college by the Carnegie Foundation c. 1928.

• The Department of Art History Collection of about 400 early 20th-century large glass slides and lantern slide projector.

Print large format/posters for a variety of class projects, individual presentations, and more. Maximum 44-inch width plus a reasonable length can be printed on plain paper, photo paper, water-resistant polypropylene, adhesive-backed polypropylene and clear film for windows. Note: class projects will take priority over all other poster orders.

To submit your image/poster, please send a high-quality actual sized PDF to

Please use the cost estimator to estimate costs for poster projects.

Please allow two weeks to process your order. Once your poster(s) are printed you will receive an email with instructions to collect your order.

Posters for student organizations should be printed through the Office of Student Engagement.

One and two-color 3-D printing using ABS plastic in a range of colors is available. Please submit .stl or .thing files to to discuss the time frame for delivery.

Cost is determined by the weight of the total plastic used including scraps at $1/gram.

Yan Zhou

Visual Resources Curator, Art History
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Gund Gallery 111a