The Meier/Draudt Visual Learning Lab is designed to promote complementary pedagogies for courses focusing on the historical and cultural aspects of the visual arts.

One of the Gund Gallery academic classrooms, which opened in the fall of 2011, the lab space is intended for students of art history (and other departmental courses with related projects) to engage in active, hands-on learning. The classroom hosts a broad spectrum of experiential and high-impact learning for art history (and related) classes in a supervised forum.

Curating the material world implies the regular study of objects through selection, categorization, historical context and other concepts central to the discipline of art history. Using this lab setting as a complement to the traditional classroom, students learn to bring specialized knowledge to bear on art through the multi-disciplinary studies engaged in by art historians.

Please submit requests for room use to Kimberly Gerhart ( by April 15 for the following academic year. During the semester that ARHS 371 Museum Studies is offered, access to the classroom will be limited.