Pay grades for student positions were determined jointly by the Student Work Task Force (now disbanded) and the corresponding departments. For opportunities added after the initial classification process, pay grades will be determined jointly by the Student Work Office and the departments, following precedents established by the Student Work Task Force.

Position Evaluation Guideline for Tasks Required 

(Characteristics and factors used to determine position grade levels.)

  • Independent decision-making                         
  • Previous experience
  • Special skills, training and education
  • Management (people, facilities, property or programs)                              

Pay Rates for 2024

Grade Level I - Pay Rate: $10.45*/hour
(*Increases each January to match prevailing minimum state or federal wage)

Opportunities that require little to no previous experience, education, special skills or training. Students are highly-supervised. Positions require little independent decision-making, and may require handling minimal amounts of money. Tasks may include some physical labor, customer service, answering and transferring telephone calls, faxing, copying, making deliveries, data entry, filing, scheduling, light cleaning, tour guiding, desk/room monitoring, gardening, dining hall assistance, scorekeeping and assistance with special projects and events.

Grade Level II – Pay Rate: $11.91/hour
(Increases each January by same % increase as Grade Level I) 

Opportunities that may require related experience, education, training or special skills. Some completed course work, and special certification in the designated areas may also be required. Student workers are moderately-supervised, and they may participate in independent decision-making. Student workers may be responsible for other people or equipment, and some physical labor and customer service may be required. Types of duties may include supervised instructional activities, technology assistance, athletic program assistance, interviewing and editing. 

Grade Level III – Pay Rate: $13.42/hour
(Increases each January by same % increase as Grade Level I) 

Opportunities that require a high level of special skills, training, independence, and responsibility for other people, property, facilities and projects. Little supervision is required, and students generally work independently. Many of the opportunities in this level require the completion of specific coursework, a strong academic standing and a faculty/staff referral. Types of duties may include system administration, management of programs, people, or facilities and significant independent work and responsibility.