Student work at Kenyon offers diverse opportunities for students to further their educations by gaining skills, practicing collaboration within a working team, gaining exposure to specific operations of the College, and gaining mentoring opportunities designed to help them better understand their unique goals, interests and skill sets. 

Prospective student workers must verify their eligibility to work within the United States before earning pay. For convenience, students can complete this step at any time, even prior to accepting a position. For more information, see Required Employment Forms below.

Information for Students

To be eligible for student work, students must verify their eligibility to work within the United States by presenting original documentation as required on page 3 of the I-9 form. Photocopies and faxed copies of documents cannot be accepted. You can present these to the Office of Student Employment at any time, even prior to accepting a job, and you will not need to present them again so long as the documents do not expire during your time at Kenyon.

Students will also need to fill out the following four forms and turn them in to our office shortly after being hired to confirm their student employment placement:


Federal W-4

State IT-4

Direct Deposit Form

Communicate with your student employment supervisor if you cannot complete these forms within a week of receiving your offer.

F-1 students can apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) after receiving a job offer; the Social Security Administration (SSA) requires proof of employment to issue a SSN to F-1 students. F-1 students will need to apply for their SSN to comply with payroll and tax requirements, but they can begin working and even be paid prior to receiving their SSN. Therefore, possession of a SSN should not be a factor in the hiring process. The Center for Global Engagement will assist F-1 students with applying for their SSN. 

Student workers are not to work at Kenyon more than 20 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during summer and academic breaks. Students studying at Kenyon on an F1 visa are to pay special attention to the limits placed on hours worked. Not complying with this guideline is a violation and can affect visa status. It is incumbent upon student workers to ensure that they are staying within these hours and are asked to consider their total hours before accepting an offer. 

Use these resources to maximize your chances of landing a job on campus.     

Handshake Tutorials  

How to Find Student Employment Jobs in Handshake

How to Apply to Student Employment Jobs in Handshake

Application Resources

Resume Resources

Cover Letter Resources 

Interviewing Resources


Apply to multiple positions. Some jobs have higher demand than others. Applying to multiple positions increases your chances of landing a position.

Take time to craft a strong resume and thoughtful cover letter. You can ask for virtual feedback from the CDO on your materials prior — even if you are an incoming first-year student! Submit your materials here to request CDO feedback.

If you intend to work on campus at some point during your four years at Kenyon, plan to bring the required documentation to prove eligibility to work in the United States. Eligible documents can be found on Page 3 of the I-9 form. Once you present these forms to the Office of Student Employment, you will not need to present them again as long as they do not expire during your time at Kenyon.

It's always a good idea to discuss your job search approach with a career advisor. You can schedule appointments here if you have an active Handshake account or by emailing


Students are paid on a bi-weekly schedule. Please refer to the payroll schedule to see timesheet deadlines. Online time sheets must be completed accurately and submitted by the pay period deadline. It will then go to your supervisor for review. They may contact you if they have questions about the hours provided. 

How to Submit a Timesheet

If you are currently on campus, go to your Personal Access Pages and log in. If you are currently off campus, you need to log in through this off-campus access page.

You must log in using your User ID and PIN. This is not the same as your network or email login. If you have trouble logging in, please contact helpline at 740-427-5700.

On the main menu, click Employee. From the list that appears, choose Time Sheet.

In the "Time Sheet Selection" screen, choose the position you want to enter time for under the “My Choice” heading, making sure you have the correct Pay Period selected.

Once the time sheet is visible, enter time accordingly by clicking Enter Hours for the relevant day.  To enter an amount of time that either falls short of or goes over the exact hour, use this chart to calculate your time.

Please do not change the "SHIFT" number that appears in the box above the "HOURS" box. This must be left as the number one (1).

Click the SAVE button after entering all hours for the day or pay period. Please do not click on the "Submit for Approval" until the end of the pay period.

Once you submit your timesheet for approval you will get a message that your timesheet was submitted successfully. You are done with this timesheet. If you have other timesheets for other jobs, you need to submit them separately.

If you Failed to Submit a Timesheet Before the Deadline:

Three scenarios create three different follow-up procedures.  All steps for each scenario must be taken by the end of the next pay period. For more information on tracking your hours, read the College’s policy on “Hour Tracking and Submitting Timesheets” in Student Work Policies.

1. You entered your hours but forgot to submit the timesheet for approval before the pay period deadline passed. Email Amanda Moran ( and your supervisor and ask that your timesheet be submitted for review on your behalf. This must be completed by the end of the following pay period. 

2. You entered some–but not all–hours and forgot to submit your timesheet: Email Amanda Moran and your supervisor, indicate that the missed timesheet is incomplete, then in the same email detail the hours you worked each day that were not entered in the timesheet. This must be completed by the end of the following pay period. 

3. You failed to begin entering hours on your timesheet and the pay period deadline passed. Email your supervisor and Amanda Moran the list of hours you worked, along with the corresponding days, for the missed pay period.  This must be completed by the end of the following pay period. 


Students can provide feedback on issues related to student work by speaking with the Student Council, or by providing more targeted feedback directly to the Office of Student Employment using this feedback form.

If you are experiencing sensitive issues in your student work, consider contacting the following offices:

For concerns related to harassment or discrimination, contact the Office for Civil Rights.

For neutral assistance in navigating particularly challenging work issues, consult with the Kenyon Ombudsperson

Information for Supervisors

All new supervisors must complete this short assessment that guides them through available resources and assesses their knowledge of core student work policies and best practices.

Upon completion, supervisors will gain access to Handshake to post positions, and to the new student work offer form described below.

Supervisors extend an offer to a student by using the “Student Offer Form” located in Etrieve Central (under forms)

Supervisors gain access to this form by completing this supervisor assessment, described above.

The student must accept the offer, and can only do so once they have completed the required paperwork to verify their eligibility to work in the United States. The form will not allow them to proceed until this step is completed.

Students will be given one week to complete this step or contact you to agree upon a date by which they will complete this step.

This form will also notify the Office of Student Employment of the hire. Once the student accepts, the Office of Student Employment will create a timesheet and email both supervisor and the student to confirm that work can begin.

Supervisors should use this form to create a new position, modify a previous position or archive one that is no longer in use. 

Once the request has been processed, the supervisor will get an email from the Office of Student Employment and any approved changes will be reflected on the Student Offer Form 24 hours later.

All on-campus student work positions should be posted in Handshake. This ensures equity and gives you, the employer, the chance to meet candidates from across the entire campus. 

Visit this Kenyon CDO YouTube playlist for tutorials on using Handshake to manage your hiring process.

Please take time to review all student work policies, located here: Student Work Policies.

The Career Development Office compiled best practices from student work supervisors around campus to create this supervisor handbook. This publication will be updated annually with new sections, resources and templates shared by supervisors.

Do you have a student who will be leaving their position prior to the end date you listed on their original hiring form? Use this Google form to let me know when their new end date will be. This will ensure that they no longer have access to a timesheet beyond their employment period. 

If you plan to create a new position, change pay rate or account numbers, please email the student employment coordinator at, or call ext. 5659 with any questions.  

Accurate & Timely Submission

Students are responsible for tracking their hours and submitting them for your review by the associated payroll period deadline, according to our student work policy here (see tracking hours and submitting timesheets) [hyperlink]. However, as their supervisor, you must ensure that your student workers understand how to submit timesheets and are doing so according to the payroll schedule. Please remind your student workers to complete their timesheets and direct them to the Office of Student Work (Chalmers 259) if they have trouble accessing or completing their timesheets. If you notice a student worker missed a timesheet, provide them with the instructions on how to submit hours for a missed timesheet under “Timesheet Instructions” in "Information for Students" above. 

How to Approve Timesheets

For a video tutorial on how to review and approve student employment timesheets, visit the Kenyon CDO YouTube playlist for employers and click the video tutorial on reviewing time sheets. 

For a written walkthrough, visit approving timesheets.

Student workers record hours online via their timesheet in Banner. A timesheet will be created once the offer hsa been approved the by the student and all required documentation has been filed with the Office of Student Employment. 

Please note that students may work a maximum of 20 hours a week when classes are in session, and up to 40 hours a week during break periods (i.e. winter, spring and summer breaks). A week is defined as Monday - Sunday. 

Click here for the current payroll calendar.

Supervisors can provide feedback on issues related to student work by using this feedback form.

If you are experiencing sensitive issues in your student work, consider contacting the following offices:

For concerns related to harassment or discrimination, contact the Office for Civil Rights.

For neutral assistance in navigating particularly challenging supervisory issues, consult with the Kenyon Ombudsperson.

Jon Lawrence

Database Analyst and Student Work Manager
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Chalmers Library 258