Writing liaisons are familiar with specific courses and departments and work directly with professors in order to help students understand the expectations for writing in individual courses.

If you need support for writing in a biology course, the Biosquad is available to help with figure captions, formal papers, identifying sources, and data analysis. Email biosquad@kenyon.edu to arrange a meeting.

Instructor: Dr. Murphy

Liaison: Sonya Marx

Instructors: Intro Biology Instructors

Liaisons: David Han, Adam Bell, Ellie Roman, Shawn Ruíz, Sierra Smith, Cassandra Lis, Hailey Napier

CLAS 471

Instructor: Dr. Hahnemann

Liaison: Alexia Ainsworth


CLAS 111

Instructor: Professor Serfass

Liaison: Adam Bell

Instructor: Intro Drama Instructors

Liaison: Cora Cicala (Dr. Longerot)

Course: 103.01

Instructor: Professor Pfaff 

Liaison: Sonya Marx


Course: 103.02

Instructor: Dr. Grace

Liaison: Sonya Marx


Course: 103.03

Instructor: Dr. Heidt

Liaison: Shawn Ruíz


Course: 103.06

Instructor: Professor Murthy 

Liaison: Meredith Sauer


Course: 103.07 / 103.08

Instructor: Dr. Parks

Liaison: Paige Hettinger


Course: 103.13

Instructor: Dr. Tierney

Liaison: Anastasia Langner


Course: 200.01

Instructor: Dr. Parssinen

Liaison: Audrey Mueller


Course: 201.00

Instructor: Dr. Grace

Liaison: Michelle Lin


Course: 215.00

Instructor: Dr. Tierney 

Liaison: Anastasia Langner 


Course: 220.00

Instructor: Dr. Lobanov-Rostovsky

Liaison: Alexia Ainsworth

Instructors: Drs. Tazewell and Sherman

Liaison: Kyle Bower

Instructor: Dr. Curtis

Liaison: Michelle Lin

Instructors: Intro History Instructors

Liaisons: Sonya Marx (Dr. Novikoff), Fiona Guidos (Dr. McNair), Stephanie DeGnore (Dr. Singer), Hanna Feuer (Dr. Ablovatski)

Instructor: Dr. Leibowitz

Liaison: Paige Bullock

Instructor: Dr. Aydin

Liaison: Audrey Mueller

Instructors: Quest for Justice Instructors

Liaisons: Harry Clennon, Paige Bullock, Eddie Andujar, Fiona Guidos, Audrey Mueller

Instructors: Intro Stats Instructors

Liaisons: Becca Elbert, Sarah Pazen, Paige Bullock