The Writing Center is staffed by trained student writing consultants who complete the ENG 217 course. Once trained, they conduct both group and individual conferences with writers, as well as leading writing workshops and class visits. Every tutor is here to chat with you about whatever you're writing (whether it be for school or for fun) and give advice at any stage of the writing process (drafting, revising, editing, polishing it up, and so forth).

To make an appointment, you can walk in by visiting Chalmers Library floor 2 or you can sign up for an appointment ahead of time. We recommend scheduling ahead of time at busy points of the semester like midterms and finals week when it might be hard to get. a walk-in appointment. So, if you need help navigating our new online scheduling software, WCOnline, you can find videos explaining it on our YouTube channel. We also regularly post information on our social media accounts @KenyonWCC for support! We've also included a "How to Use WCOnline" handout below and you can always email our director, Prof. Scanlon at with questions.

In a appointment, a writer may come by with anything from just a prompt to ask questions about, to ideas to brainstorm, to a few paragraphs, to a final draft. If you do have something written, it's a good idea to come in with a question that will help keep the focus of the appointment on what concerns you most. We also recommend that if you're working on something for academics, you bring the writing prompt or assignment with you.

You can meet with a writing consultant remotely or in person. We offer a few other options you may not know about in our tutoring center:

  • Private Tutoring Rooms: We do have private rooms for tutoring if the open space in Chalmers Library floor 2 is not for you. You can either request one when you make an appointment using our online scheduling software under the “accommodations” fill-in-the-blank option or you can let us know when you arrive!
  • Group Appointments: We encourage group appointments if you’ve been assigned a group project in your course. If you’re interested in making a group appointment, please email our director at, and she’ll set you up for an online or in-person group appointment.
  • Recurring Appointments: If you’re interested in meeting with the same tutor on a weekly or every-other-weekly basis, let us know by emailing our director at She can set you up with recurring appointments so that you have a scheduled time every (other) week to see the same writing tutor.

Questions about the writing center? Please email Writing Center Director Professor Anna Scanlon (she/her) at

Writing Consultants and Liaisons

The Writing Center is staffed by student consultants, who provide support for writers in any discipline. There are also writing liaisons who support students in specific courses and departments. Meet the current consultants or learn more about becoming one.

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