The Writing Center offers you the ear of a student writing consultant. We meet individually with writers to provide assistance for any type of writing, in any discipline, at any stage of the writing process.

Writing liaisons are also available for some specific courses; ask your professor if there's a writing liaison for your course.

If you're writing for a biology course, the Biosquad is available to help with figure captions, formal papers, identifying sources and data analysis. Email to arrange a meeting.

Writing Consultants

Consultant Major Specialties
Adam Bell (he/him/his) Biology, Classics BioSquad, CLAS 111 liaison
Adrienne Kvaka (she/her/hers) Psychology, minor in Spanish APA research papers and textual analyses
Ali Bianco Drama, Film Scripts, screenplays, film essays
Alexia Ainsworth (she/her/hers) English, Biology Applications, Assistive Technologies, MLA formatting, Liaison for ENGL 220 and CLAS 471
Alexia Tiches (she/her/hers) English, emphasis in creative writing, and concentration in ENVS Humanities, general argumentative essays, creative writing, natural sciences. 
Ali von Reitzenstein (she/her/hers) English, Psychology  
Alyssa Dowling (she/her/hers) Neuroscience,  Political Science, Russian  Intro lab papers, political science, and russian
Amanda Pyne (she/her/hers) English  

Anabel Barnett

Audrey Mueller (she/her/hers) English, Public Policy 

Liaison for Quest, ENGL 200, MATH 128. English, Political Science, creative writing.

Bella Stevens Biology  N/a
Cassandra Lis   BioSquad liaison
Clara Hart Studio art, English  
Cora Cicala (she/her/hers) American Studies, Drama Humanities, Social Science, Drama. Liaison for DRAM 111
David Han (he/him/his) Biology BioSquad liaison. Natural sciences, history and English.
Davida Harris English, Philosophy  
Denny Rothwell    
Dina Knott    
Eddie Andujar (he/him/his) Undeclared  
Effie Blue    
Ebie Quinn Sociology  
Ellie Roman (she/her/hers) English, Environmental Studies BioSquad liaison
Emily Gaines English (creative writing) Creative writing
Emily Hirsch    
Emily Nielson English (creative writing) General essays, creative writing
Erin Lynn History, Political Science History, politically science, Quest, and argumentative papers
Evan Wagner English  
Fiona Guidos (she/her/hers) Political Science, French minor Social sciences, humanities. Liaison for QuestSquad, history
Hanna Feuer    
Harry Clennon Political Science Quest liaison
Joseph Pozo English and Economics General English and economic essays
Katrina Tiktinsky    
Ken Wu (he/him/his) Economics, English minor  
Lily Beeson-Norwitz    
Linnea Mumma (she/her/hers) English, Music  
Molly Fording English English and creative writing 
Meredith Sauer English, Spanish  Liaison for ENGL 103
Mia Sherin (she/her/hers) English (creative writing) Creative writing
Michelle Lin   Liaison for ENGL 201, FREN 321
Monmita Chakrabarti (she/her/hers) English Essays, cover letters, and creative writing
Nathan Geesing (he/him/his) History Humanities, applications, and cover letters 
Paige Hettinger English, Women's and Gender Studies

Liaison for ENGL 103

Sarah Bettigole    
Sasha Stroud    
Sonya Marx (she/her/hers, they/them/theirs) English, Dance Close reading, textual analysis, thesis statement, general structure and organization. Liaison for history, ENGL 103, ANTH 111
Thao Nguyen Psychology, concentration in ENVS Liaison for PSYC 250
William Yanek